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Namaste Or Nama-Go Now?

Meanwhile, Phil tries to help Kate find where she's going, but he can't find Kate on his list or the sub manifest. When he asks her who her recruiter is, Kate doesn't know what to say, but she's saved by Juliet, who comes in with the "new" list she just got from Amy. It has some last minute additions, "Including, Ms... Austen?" Juliet does really well pretending she's never before met Kate, at least in front of Phil. Once he leaves, she continues the charade, but to those of us who know she's living with the man who once threw himself from a helicopter for Kate, she's less, shall we say -- subtle. So too, is Kate. But Kate doesn't know anything about Juliet and Sawyer, yet, so I guess it's just general faux friendliness (or jealousy over Jack). Huh. When my husband and I watched the episode the first time, we both said, "Meee-ow!" during this scene. Then we rewound it and watched twice more.

Jin's outside The Flame when Sawyer drives up. Jin explains Sayid came walking out of the jungle, in handcuffs -- alone, but Jin couldn't get a chance to ask him any questions, because Radzinsky thinks Sayid's a hostile and wouldn't leave the two of them alone. Sawyer says he's got it and enters The Swan. Radzinsky is freaked that Sayid saw his model of The Swan [which he wouldn't have seen if you hadn't walked him right by it! - Z], and wants them to shoot Sayid and end it all, right now. Sawyer says, "Well, I appreciate your input there, Quick-Draw, but I want to talk to him first. Give me the damned keys." He does, so Sawyer tosses them to Jin, who goes into the closet where they've locked up Sayid. He grabs Sayid roughly, and again doesn't wink. He takes him out to Sawyer, who also doesn't wink. Poor Sayid. Sawyer introduces himself as LaFleur, head of security and says, "I want you to listen real carefully to what I got to say. And if you do that, you'll be fine. Understand?" Sayid mumbles that he gets it, so Sawyer says, "All right, let's start simple. Identify yourself as a hostile." Sayid looks up at him with puppy dog eyes, so Sawyer gives Sayid some context. "The terms of the truce say you gotta identify yourself as a hostile, or we got the right to shoot you." Sayid waits for the wink that never comes, then finally decides it's implied and says, "We do not refer to ourselves as 'hostile', but yes, I am one of them." After Radzinsky makes a neener face at Sawyer and Jin, Sawyer announces he's taking Sayid back to the barracks. Radzinsky declares this is a horrible mistake and says he's coming along, and is going to talk directly to Horace. Dude, Horace is going to be too busy sleeping it off and making it up to his wife that he was off blowing up trees, when he should have been holding her hand during her difficult labor and delivery, to ever bother with you. And we cut to...

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