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The hand that Lockes the cradle
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Previously on Lost: Sobell kicked ass. And I got married, so thanks to all those of you who sent nice notes, which I blatantly fished for in my last recap. Have you tried this marriage thing? I can't recommend it enough. Among other things, I always have someone to play Uno with, and I always will.

Waves are crashing on the beach as Mercutio supervises Raft 2: The Floatening. Jin makes an urgent circular gesture in Hurley's general direction, and Hurley tiredly wonders if Jin wants him to make a snowball, which, yeah, I know Jin doesn't speak English, but I'm thinking Hurley might try a little harder here. Mercutio says Jin wants him to bundle the bamboo tighter, so I guess Mercutio's given up some of the raft-designing to Jin, the one guy who can't communicate with anyone other than his wife, to whom he's no longer speaking.

Jack happens along, as he usually does, to see how things are coming along, and Mercutio says they're coming. Jack for some reason reminds everybody about the last raft being sabotaged, and Mercutio assures him that the raft is being guarded 24/7 (one can only assume that the assaulting and kidnapping and killing of unguarded castaways will continue for the near future). So it looks like Locke didn't rat Walt out for starting the fire, even though we've yet to find out more about that. Mercutio says the chances of a passing ship spotting their raft are pretty slim, so he wants to be able to send out some sort of distress signal. Jack says he'll ask Sayid, but adds that even if Sayid can make something, he's got nothing to power it with. Hurley says he thought Sayid said "the crazy French chick" had batteries.

Whether she does or doesn't, Sayid categorically refuses to go back or to help Jack go back himself, even though Hurley offers his most sincere and pleading "dude." Sayid says he was unconscious when Rousseau brought him to her hidey-hole, and he was disoriented when he escaped, so he wouldn't be able to find the place again. That's no excuse for not calling her, Sayid. Hurley suggests Sayid just doesn't want to, and Sayid spazzes off on how Rousseau's maps and notes are a whole lotta crazy, mixing song lyrics with equations. Dude, that's no reason to crumple them up! Jack wants to use the map to find Rousseau, and he and Sayid argue about it, but Hurley tunes them out, as he's found, in the crazy scribblings, numbers printed over and over again: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. Hey, I don't suppose anyone's interested in taking a wild stab at finding some significance in those numbers? Didn't think so. Due to the ascending numbers, they immediately looked like lotto numbers to me.

And here's the thing about interpreting the numbers, which has turned into this whole cottage industry. I understand that it's fun for people, but numbers are endlessly manipulatable, and there are ultimately only ten numerals and various cultural and spiritual significance attached to all of them if you look hard enough, so multiplying and subtracting and adding digits is more like finding numbers that fit your theory, rather than finding a theory that fits the numbers. It kind of reminds me of -- remember the band Presidents of the United States of America? Yeah, me neither. But they had that one song -- well, they had "Lump," which was a little piece of greatness, but they also had that other song, "Peaches": "Movin' to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches." And a friend of mine posited that the song was not actually about eating peaches, that it was about eating something that, while not without its charms, technically was not a food. Not that I was by any stretch an expert on, um, peaches, despite possessing the rather common college guy's obsession with them, but the theory seemed to fit, especially, as my friend pointed out, you substitute the word "peaches" with the other possibility.

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