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The hand that Lockes the cradle

"Fortunately," Charlie stumbles out of the bushes to announce that someone was shooting at Hurley and him, only it seems to come as news to Charlie that Hurley isn't right behind him. "He was right behind me, and then he just wasn't." Sayid says he'll go after Hurley, and Jack says they'll all go. Just then, Hurley himself wanders out of the bushes (from the other side Charlie did, so go figure). "Go where?" Charlie wants to know what the hell happened to him. Fuck, Charlie, the same as you! Someone shot at him, and he ran like hell! Hurley reaches into his backpack and pulls out a large battery, and gives it to Jack. "Need a battery?" he says. Then he looks at Sayid. "She says 'hey,'" he says, then turns to go. Heh. Even Jack smiles as the leave, but Sayid seems quite choked. Commercials.

The commercial for The Ring Two says that in 2002, The Ring was "the one that started it all." Started what all, exactly? People going to see The Ring, I suppose. Hard to argue with that. And what's the over-under on how many episodes Blind Justice lasts? If it's any more than five, I'm taking the under. ["If it's any more than five, you're watching me eat my hat, because damn." -- Sars]

Nightfall. The Goonies troop wordlessly into camp, and Sayid silently hands the battery to Mercutio. Oh, sure, so Sayid gets all the credit.

Locke's still working on his whatever, and asking Claire about her baby, like if she has a name picked out. She says no, and admits she had been planning to give the baby up. Locke says that must have been a difficult decision for her, and she says it was. "Well, doesn't matter now," she says, before revealing that it's her birthday. Despite what happens in another moment, Locke looks genuinely surprised. He asks her why she hasn't told anyone. She points out that she's pregnant, single, and stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere, so it being her birthday isn't really going to make things all better. Locke lamely offers that at least she and her baby will have birthdays close together. He claims that's good luck. Yeah, clearly Claire's had all the good luck she can handle. And because we haven't had the whole luck thing hammered hard enough in the A-plot, Claire asks Locke if he believes in luck. "I believe in a lot of things," he says, before saying that his whatever is ready. Claire has no idea what it is, and Locke lifts it up and flips it over: it's a cradle. Claire melts. And again with the "aww!" He says "happy birthday, Claire," but I don't think he knew about that until just a moment ago when she told him. She thanks him. Hell of a lot better than imaginary peanut butter, if you ask me.

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