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The hand that Lockes the cradle

Hurley's got his shirt wrapped around a stick that he's holding over the fire. Charlie strolls up and jokes that he knows food's scarce and all... Well, big guy, full day of extreme physical exertion, shirt wrapped around the head. Do the math, Charlie. Charlie sits down, and is all, remember back in the jungle when you were going to come clean about our little quest and the crazy French chick started shooting at us? Let's get back to that. Hurley doesn't say anything for a long moment, before finally saying that he thinks the plane crash might have been his fault, due to the little black thundercloud that follows him everywhere. Charlie tells him not to be daft, that bad things happen. "Planes crash, people die," says Charlie. "You think you're the only person with baggage?" Charlie reveals that when the plane went down he was snorting heroin in the toilet. "I was such a junkie, I couldn't even take a plane ride without having a fix. I suppose that was your fault as well." Hurley doesn't say anything. Now, having opened himself up by revealing his biggest secret, Charlie figures that Hurley would reciprocate. Hurley thinks about it before agreeing. "Back home, I'm worth $156 million." Charlie looks halfway amused. "Fine, don't tell me," he says and stands up. Hurley gives him a sincere "dude," but Charlie isn't in the mood for sincere dudes: "I bare my soul, and all I get is bloody jokes," he says and stomps off. Shut up, Charlie stomping off. Hurley goes back to looking at the fire.

Cut to Locke and Boone's mysterious hatch. Looks like they've been doing some excavating, as the hatch is at the top of a larger metal structure. And stamped into the side, underneath the hatch are the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42.

Two days later, 1.6 million people split the lottery, winning five bucks apiece.

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