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The hand that Lockes the cradle

Back on the beach, Sawyer's reading A Wrinkle In Time right by the raft construction site, and Mercutio's doing some hammering, much to Sawyer's annoyance, and he says so. "I'm sorry, is my building a raft to get us rescued bothering you?" asks Mercutio sarcastically, and Sawyer gripes that it is. Walt wants to know why Sawyer isn't helping. Sawyer calls him "Short Round" and says he's "watching for arsonists," but it's certainly a good question Walt raises, and you'd think that if Sawyer wasn't going to help, then he'd be elsewhere reading, if for no other reason than the sound of the raft-building seems to bother him. Mercutio's in the middle of siding with Walt when one of the other...stick bundles or whatever falls apart, which sets off an argument between Jin and Mercutio, because Mercutio thinks Jin didn't do it right, and Jin because, well, Jin I imagine has a problem being yelled at in a language he doesn't understand, especially when it's for having problems doing something as a result of getting instructions in a language HE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND.

Kate Beckinsale and Sun are down the beach watching the proceedings, and Sun says that Jin's never going to speak to her again. "He just needs time," says Kate, but she likes to shoot the men she loves, so what does she know? Sun thinks he'll need more than time: "I humiliated him," she says. So, an apology then? Just a thought. Kate has no answer, given that she's not holding a gun at the moment. "When the raft sails, do you think he's going to leave with them?" asks Sun, like how the hell Kate would have any clue I have no idea. Kate just says she doesn't know.

Hurley's followed the cable deep into the jungle, all the way to a dead boar hanging from a trap, complete with buzzing and feasting flies. Hurley finally starts to look like maybe he's thinking this wasn't the best idea he's ever had. But he continues on, at least until he puts his foot down and hears a slightly metallic clink. He looks down, and sees he's stepped on some sort of metal plate. Remarkably, though, he's about to carry on when Sayid yells, "Stop!" and the three stooges come out from the bushes on the side. Hurley's surprised to see them. I'm more surprised that they were following him, and probably should have come up from behind him on the cable, but instead they've come at from the side. Also, despite being in the bushes, Sayid managed to see and/or hear that Hurley's stepped on a pressure trigger, and if he steps off it -- Sayid points up -- he'll release that. Hurley looks up and sees some kind of spiky contraption. "Oh, man," says Hurley. So the stooges scramble around, with Charlie receiving orders to find something to replace Hurley's weight. "How'm I supposed to do that?" complains Charlie, and Hurley snaps at him. And...well, come on, Hurley. I dislike Charlie, but there are cracks about your weight and there are relevant observations. Maybe you'd prefer being impaled to getting your feelings hurt? But Hurley insists that he can get out of the way: "I'm spry, dude." And despite the stooges' protests, he ducks out of the way, and the spikes swing harmlessly by. Charlie asks what the bloody hell's wrong with him, and as far as I'm concerned, Charlie's the last one who gets to ask that question (see, Hurley? I'm back on your side again). Hurley says "nothing," and gets to his feet. Jack wants to know what he's doing out there. Hurley claims he just wants a battery, and Jack's all, seriously, dude, what's going on? "Nada," says Hurley, and asks if they're coming. They are. It's just like The Goonies!

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