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The hand that Lockes the cradle

Hurley flashes back, to a time when he was berating a nurse at some kind of hospital, because he's looking for a Lenny, and the nurse says she can't find this guy if Hurley doesn't know his last name. Hurley asks her how many Leonards can possibly be at this place, and he just wants to talk to him for five minutes. Meanwhile, in the background is this idiot maintenance worker who climbs up a ladder to change a light bulb, despite the ladder shaking like a groom waiting for the woman he loves to start walking down the aisle. "He knows me!" says Hurley to the nurse, who starts telling him about private records, but Hurley interrupts her to yell at the worker to get off the ladder and leave the bulb for another time, which the terrified worker does. And maybe I'm nuts, but this guy looks like the actor who played the head of that military school that Tony wanted to send A.J. to. But you'd think that guy would at least get a line.

Hurley's getting increasingly agitated, but luckily for him he's interrupted by a doctor who calls him Hugo and says it's good to see him. Over Hurley's shoulder, we can now see a sign that says Psychiatric Admitting.

We're now in the cuckoo's nest, and we hear the doc saying that he doesn't remember Hurley and Lenny being all that close, and Hurley lamely saying, "We hung." There's a guy at a table mutter-grunting to himself and playing Connect 4. Hurley approaches by himself (the doc having only been in this scene via voice-over) and asks if Lenny remembers him, and introduces himself as Hugo. He sits down, and then tries "Hurley," but still gets no response, and tries saying he was just in the neighbourhood. Still nothing. Hurley leans forward. "Look, Lenny, I gotta know. What do the numbers mean?" Lenny doesn't stop playing Connect 4, or look at Hurley, but that's his cue to start grunting with a little more enunciation: "Four, eight, fifteen, sixteen, twenty-three, forty-two," like this is any surprise. Commercials.

"Come on, Lenny. Give me something. Anything. Where'd you get the numbers? Is that why you're here, Lenny? Because of the numbers? Did they do something to you, Lenny?" Hurley continues on in this vein, blathering about how he thinks the numbers turned him into a jinx, but nobody believes him, but he knows it's true, ever since he won the lottery with those numbers. This -- the lottery -- manages to break Lenny's reverie, and he looks at Hurley clearly for the first time since Hurley sat down. "You used those numbers to play the lottery?" How awesome would it have been if he said, "Goddamn! Why didn't I think of that?" Instead of that, though, he says Hurley shouldn't have done that: "You've opened the box!" he yells, and tells Hurley it won't stop, and that he's got to get far away from those numbers. And he launches into a full-on freak-out, the kind that necessitates a Nurse Ratched, in the form of some big dude who starts restraining Lenny. Hurley continues to badger the mental patient, though, asking where Lenny got the numbers, even as Lenny's being dragged out of the room. And fortunately for everyone, Lenny is able to yell that he got the numbers from "Sam Toomey" who heard them in Kalgoorlie, where he used to work. The last thing Lenny yells is that Kalgoorlie is, naturally, in Australia. And yes, the town actually exists. It's a mining town in Western Australia, and the name comes from the local aboriginal language, and is said to mean "silky pear bush" to the Maduwankga people, I swear to god. Looks like Hurley's movin' to the country, gonna eat a lot of silky pear bush.

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