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The hand that Lockes the cradle

Back in the jungle, the Goonies have found that the cable they're following goes into the ground. "This poses somewhat of a problem," says Sayid, dryly. "Guys, you should come see this," says Charlie, off-camera. Probably found some poppy fields.

Actually, he's found a rickety rope bridge that crosses a little chasm. The bridge isn't very long, but the chasm looks kind of deep. Jack says Sayid never mentioned a bridge, like he's SCARED OF BRIDGES or something, and Sayid's all, "I never saw this, because I was STRUNG UP AND THEN TORTURED BY THE CRAZY FRENCH WOMAN." One of them says there's no way she could have built it by herself, and then we're reminded that she came here with a team and they probably did it and blah blah blah and you're thinking, "Just get to the precarious crossing of the rickety bridge that we know always happens in these situations," and Hurley's obviously thinking the same thing, because he sets off across the bridge, much to the consternation of the rest of the Goonies. Hurley says he's just checking it out, and tells them all to chill, et cetera. You know, it does make a certain sense for Hurley to go first, because, as Charlie will point out, if Hurley can make it across, then the bridge should hold the rest of them, right? Hurley does make it across, and beams a big grin right across the crevasse to the wusses on the other side. Charlie sets out, and...well, Hurley seems to have forgotten all about the jinx that he's been obsessed with all episode, or you'd think he'd have urged a little more caution. Charlie does, however, make it almost all the way across before the bridge collapses, and it's just a quick hop for Charlie and a "you okay, dude?" from Hurley, and Charlie's lifting his arms over his head and yelling like he's the heavyweight champeen. Jack yells over for the two of them to wait there and he and Sayid will find a way around and meet up with them. "Nah, screw that! You guys stay! There's a path right here --" Hurley yells, but Charlie freaks out, yelling, "Hurley, will you shut up and listen to Jack? He said stay put! You're acting like a bloody lunatic!" Delivered hilariously and impeccably by Dominic. Just thought I should point out that it's Charlie I don't like. Monaghan ain't no slouch. Hurley just glares at him.

This lone shack in the vast wasteland of the Australian outback is, presumably, Kalgoorlie. I mean it, this shack is probably the whole town. Hurley knocks on the door, which is opened by an older woman whose Australian accent seems to have been gleaned by a steady diet of Crocodiles Hunter and Dundee. "If this weren't the middle of nowhere, Oy'd say you were lost," she says. Hurley asks for Sam Toomey -- "Oy'm his woyfe!" she says -- and that he'd really like to talk to him. She'd like that too, apparently, as Sam's been dead for four years.

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