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Desperately Seeking Some Answers
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It's a beautiful day on Craphole Island. The sun is filtering through the clouds and making Kate, Jack, Sayid, and Juliet's walk back to the beach much more pleasant than if the monsoon season that started last episode had lasted. Kate and Juliet are still covered in mud from their wrestling competition. Apparently they opted not to take advantage of the showers in the Barracks. But hey, why start now? Sayid still has the bandage on his arm from the gunshot. Even without antibiotics he looks like he has fully recovered from the bullet and subsequent bullet removal. Sayid: Too Badass for 'Biotics. Wouldn't that look great on a campaign button? After they ford a stream, Sayid announces that it's getting late and that they should make camp. Jack proclaims that he is going to get firewood and Kate says she's going with him. As they walk off, Jack shoots Juliet a look that clearly says, "Don't let the Iraqi torturer I'm leaving you alone with intimidate you." Juliet just looks at him blankly, because she made a quick stop at the Island Spa, had her entire head Botoxed, and now can do nothing but smirk. I love it! In the woods, Kate and Jack smash firewood into impending splinters. Kate asks Jack if wants to talk about it. He has no idea what she's on about. She drops the wood, walks over, and kicks him in the shins. "The week? That you spent with the Others? You want to talk about that?" Jack says that after they left, he made a deal with Ben that he would take care of him, and he would let him off the Island. So he kept his head down, did what was asked of him, and didn't ask any questions. But Jack, where does flag football fit into that equation? Kate can't believe that was it, but Jack just goes back to collecting wood.

Juliet is cleaning off some of the mud while Sayid stares at her. She finally gets uncomfortable enough to stop and tell Sayid, "Okay, let's have it." Sayid has some questions: "I want to know what you people are doing on this Island. Why you are terrorizing us. Making lists, kidnapping children. I want to know everything. But the first thing I want to know is. Who are you?" Thank god! Someone is finally asking questions. And we will finally get some answers! Hallelujah! Juliet stares at him, silently trying to determine how long her character will last on the show if she actually gives up an answer. She stares at him so long that the camera gets bored and cuts to a flashback.

Juliet pulls up to a guard station at a private airport. She rolls down the window and tells the guard that she is Juliet Burke with Mittelos Bioscience. The guard says he will let them know she's there. Juliet's sister, Rachel, is in the car with her. They are listening to "Downtown" by Pet Clark and giggling together. Rachel is surprisingly not falling-down drunk (er, maybe that's just the character she played on Deadwood); she points out the security cameras taping them and says that they are taking the corporate secrecy thing a little too seriously. Juliet doesn't notice the giant Anvil of Foreshadowing as it crashes on the hood of her car. She giggles that she is never going to fit in with these people. Ha ha! Creepy Ethan knocks on the window of the car and tells her that if she pops the trunk, he'll get her bags. Richard Alpert shows up, and Juliet and Rachel get out of the car. Richard thanks Rachel for letting them borrow her sister for a few months. Rachel asks that they just get her back in one piece. Richard says that for security reasons, he has to escort Juliet the rest of the way in, and that whenever she's ready he'll be waiting. Juliet turns to her sister to say goodbye and express some serious doubts about her decision. Her sister swears that it's better this way. That she won't get sick again, the cancer is gone and she's a hundred percent preggers. I freakin' hate that word. But alas, I am just the scribe. Juliet promises she will be back before the baby comes. Which is Hi-lar-i-ous! They hug, and Juliet makes her way through the giant gate, which slowly closes behind her.

Sayid is still staring at her as she comes out of her flashback. Sayid asks again, "Who are you?" Juliet says, "If I told you who I was. If I told you everything I know. You would kill me." Sayid bursts out laughing. He laughs so hard he has to curl up in a ball! He has tears streaming down his face. After five minutes he comes out of it. Straightens himself up, looks at Juliet, and says, "What do you think I will do if you don't?" Just then Jack swoops into save Juliet and tells Sayid to leave her alone. Sayid points out that sooner or later she will answer his questions. Jack glares at him and says, "She will answer your questions when she's ready. And you will wait until she is. She's under my protection." Yes, he seriously said that. Sayid shoots him an eyebrow of disbelief. He stares at Jack. Then he bursts out laughing again. This giggle fit lasts for a solid ten minutes. He is pounding the ground and has tears streaming down his face. "Stop! Stop! You guys are killing me with this!" He is still laughing to himself as we cut to commercial. Oh, Jack, sometimes you really put the "Jack" in "jackass." Good grief.

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