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Desperately Seeking Some Answers

On the beach, Charlie is walking around the camp when he hears Aaron crying. He barges into the tent and finds Claire passed out next to the screaming baby. He picks Aaron up and soothes him while trying to wake Claire. She slowly rouses herself. Charlie is concerned because she apparently has gone deaf. She is thrilled at the prospect of not having to hear any of these whiny no-talent crybabies anymore. (Hee! Just kidding!) She claims she is just off and that she didn't sleep well. Charlie suggests that she's coming down with something. He offers to take Aaron so she can sleep. She readily agrees.

Like sulky teenagers on a hiking trip, Kate and Sayid are walking about a mile in front of Juliet and Jack. Juliet opines that it's probably not worth asking them to wait up. Jack says she just needs to give them time. Juliet half laughs, "My people kept Sayid chained to a jungle gym for three days and then I dragged Kate through the jungle, handcuffed myself to her, and lied about it. How much time do you think they need?" I think she was being sarcastic, but it was kind of hard to tell since her face didn't move. Jack says that they're a few hours from the beach and he's sure they will be over it by then. She and Jack laugh at this. I guess Jack already knew about the whole handcuffing thing? Or he's just a complete ass who doesn't care what happens to his friends. He asks if she's nervous and she says yes. Aw, Jules! Don't be nervous. I'll give you the same advice my mom gave me when I transferred schools in eighth grade: Just be yourself! I'm sure once they realize what a wonderful personality and wide range of facial expressions you have, they will totally forgive you for helping torture, terrorize, and traumatize them. Don't be shy! I'm sure they'll love you.

In the private airport, Richard tells Juliet that he knows that six months sounds like an eternity, but she will be amazed at how the time will fly by once she gets there. She replies that she can't wait to find out where "there" is. Richard ignores the question, and Creepy Ethan asks if he can take some of her vitals. Juliet looks a bit confused by this request, but agrees. Mr. Conspiracy Theory has sent over a messenger pigeon with a note that the name of the airline is "Herarat." Don't worry, Mr. Conspiracy Theory, I'm totally on top of it: "Herarat" is Etruscan (yes, the pre-Roman, ancient civilization) slang for "meta-symbolism gives me hives." Now you know! As Creepy Ethan takes her blood pressure, Richard pours a glass of orange juice, takes out a packet of extra-special mystery powder, and spikes the punch. He tells Juliet that everyone at the company is really excited about her arrival. They think her research is going to have a major impact. Richard walks over and hands Juliet the roofie. She asks what it is, and he tells her it's orange juice mixed with a significant amount of tranquilizer. Juliet looks at him in dawning horror: "You want me to drink that?" Creepy Ethan and Richard both laugh and say that she will definitely want to be unconscious for the trip because it can get kind of intense. Yeah, frat parties are like that. Juliet is really uncomfortable with slipping herself a mickey, because girls just don't know how to have fun! C'mon, Juliet, knock yourself unconscious. They may be total strangers now, but they're future co-workers! Why wait until the office holiday party to make an ass of yourself? Just drink it already! She says she was okay with signing all their papers. Okay with agreeing not to talk to anyone in her life for six months. Even okay with the fact that no one in the medical community had ever heard of Mittelos Bioscience. Richard cuts her off to ask, "Why were you okay? Why were you fine with that? It's a big leap for a job opportunity. We're not paying you that much." D'oh! He's got you there, girl. Now shut up and drink the damn Kool-Aid! Richard continues, "I think it's because you know you are going somewhere special." Oh, is "Somewhere Special" the theme of your frat party? That totally has a better ring to it than "Toga 'Tastic! '07." Richard rudely ignores me and continues trying to convince Juliet to drink the spiked OJ. He has decided to use flattery. "You took a woman, your sister, whose reproductive system was ravaged by chemo. She was sterile. You made her pregnant. You created life where life wasn't supposed to be. You have a gift, Juliet. Don't you think you are meant to do something significant with it? Where we are going you can do just that."

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