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Desperately Seeking Some Answers

Juliet is sitting alone on the beach like the bald-headed girl at the French-braiding competition. Or the anorexic at the pie-eating contest. (I could keep going, but I won't.) Hurley says hey and sits down next to her. He asks if she's one of them, but she doesn't fall into that trap, and just says she's Juliet. Hurley says he doesn't remember her from the dock. You know, when you put bags on our heads after you shocked us. She says she had the day off. This makes Hurley almost smile. He says he heard that she's a doctor. She explains that she's actually a researcher. Then she asks if they sent Hurley over there to keep an eye on her. He nods and adds, "The last one of you guys that came over here. Ethan? He kidnapped Claire. And Charlie got upset. We buried him over there." Was that a threat? From Hurley? Aw, cute!

In flashback, Juliet is wearing scrubs and standing in an operating room observing Ethan, who is also wearing scrubs, declaring time of death. He pulls off his mask and gloves and walks out. Goodwin is there too. He's wearing scrubs as well, so it's either an Other fashion trend or he's also a doctor. Goodwin tells Juliet it's okay. It's not her fault, because she tried. He tells her to take off, and that he will talk to Ben. Later, Juliet is sitting cross-legged on the rocks, watching the water, and looking contemplative. Ben walks up, sits next to her, and says that it was Sabine's choice to get pregnant. She knew the risks. Juliet replies that she thinks it happens at conception. And if that's the case, then there's nothing she can do about it here. Ben doesn't get it. She explains that she would have to take someone off the Island. Ben refuses to let anyone leave. Juliet says that there's nothing else she can do. She knows he put a lot of faith in her, and she's sorry she let him down. Her sister is giving birth in three months and she hasn't even been able to call her. It's time for her to go home. She pats Ben on the back and gets up to leave. Ben calls after her, "Your sister won't be giving birth in three months, Juliet. She will be dead before then. Her cancer is back. " Way to sugarcoat it there, Ben. No, really. Have you thought about a career in the clergy? Ben reaches into his man purse and pulls out a medical chart. He hands it to Juliet, who flips it open. Have I mentioned that it is incredibly windy on the rock? So windy that you may not want to open a file full of paper? Meh. Juliet demands to know where he got it. Ben says it came from Mikhail. He's sorry, he should have told her sooner, but he couldn't see the point. Juliet looks at him in horror. She could have gone home! She could have been with her! Ben says that she can still go home and be with her sister in her final hours. Or she can stay and help him with their problem. Why would she stay? Because if she does, Ben will cure her sister's cancer. Apparently, Ben is magic! He probably has a pet unicorn and a velvet cape with stars on it! She asks if she's supposed to take that on faith. Ben says that she's been there six months and she has never seen anyone with cancer. She agrees, but that's only true on the Island and he won't let her bring her sister there. Ben says that Jacob said he would take care of it himself. Ooh, Jacob is magic! Unless, of course, she doesn't have faith in him. Every woman on this Island needs Juliet's help, he tells her. If she chooses to stay, they will save Rachel's life. If you believe in Jacob, then clap your hands! It's the only way to save Tinkerbell Rachel! C'mon, everybody, clap!

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