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Desperately Seeking Some Answers

It's campfire time back on the Beach. After they roast weenies, toast marshmallows, and sing a few rounds of "Boom Chicka Boom" (with Jack leading, of course), they settle into a serious discussion. Sun doesn't understand why they should trust Juliet; she is one of Them. Jack says that she was left behind, so she isn't one of Them anymore. Hurley wants to know where the Others went. Jack says Juliet doesn't know. Sawyer has a wacky plan: "Why don't we let the resident Iraqi take a stab at her. Literally!" Sayid explains that he doesn't do that anymore, which Sawyer finds convenient. Sawyer says that he doesn't trust her, but Jack pleads for time. Sayid wants to know how much time? Jack pulls out his Very Serious Face and says, "The fact that I trust her should be enough." Everyone around the fire starts snorting and giggling and rolling their eyes. Then a round of coughing starts: *cough* douchebag *cough*, *cough* Michael *cough*, and *cough* chucklehead *cough*. Desmond asks where Locke went. Jack says that he went with Them right after he blew up the sub that was going to take him off the Island. No one can believe he was going to be let go. Sawyer wants to know who said he could leave? Jack says it was Ben. Sawyer explains for the Just-Tuned-In crowd, "Oh, the guy whose life you saved? You should have let that bug-eyed bastard die!" Kate calls him James, and that totally shuts Sawyer up for second, but then he demands to know why Jack is taking the side of one of the Others. Just as it looks as if we might get an answer, Claire totally ruins the mood by barfing up blood. Geez, Claire, couldn't you have held it in a minute? Things were just getting good!

Charlie yells to Jack, sweeps Claire up in his arms, and carries her off. Some extra beats them to her lean-to with a torch so the tent is properly lit for the shot. He is noticeably awkward in his torch-wielding and should probably just get back to his day job making piña coladas for the tourists at the Honolulu Hilton. Juliet comes up to Sun and asks, "What happened to her?" Jin says something in response and Sun translates, "He says, 'Why do you care?'" Juliet, you're definitely not getting the Korean vote either. Juliet runs up to Kate and practically begs her to get Jack. Kate wants to know why. Juliet thinks she knows what is wrong with Claire, because she, Juliet, did it to her. Wow, Jules, you are so not getting voted Miss Congeniality! Better luck next week. Kate conferences with Jack and Juliet, while Sawyer and Sayid, you know, lurk. They do it well. Juliet is explaining that Claire is having a latent reaction to a medication that was designed (by Juliet!) to keep her alive during the later terms of pregnancy. For some reason, women on the Island can't have babies. Their bodies start to treat the pregnancy as a foreign object, and turn on it. Every pregnant woman dies. Kate looks slowly over at Sun. Juliet continues, "Every woman, that is, until Claire." Jack demands to know what they did to her. Juliet says that someone infiltrated the camp and started taking blood samples from Claire, and she started showing the same symptoms. That someone was Creepy Ethan. They tried to save her life by giving her a serum that Juliet designed. Jack interjects, "And kidnapping her?" Juliet says that wasn't the plan, that Creepy Ethan was administering the injections, but once they figured out he wasn't on the plane, he had to improvise. He kidnapped her on his own -- it wasn't the plan. Claire would have died without the serum, and now she is in withdrawal. Juliet volunteers to go get Creepy Ethan's stash of serum, which he kept next to the caves where the Losties used to live. She can bring it back before it's too late. Jack says go. And she does. He's totally the boss of her.

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