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Desperately Seeking Some Answers

Juliet is eating yogurt. In bed. Naked. With Goodwin. Ooh. Ew. She says she just realized that tomorrow is her three-year anniversary on the Island. Goodwin kisses her a few times and offers to make her a cake. I love cake! Make German chocolate! Or Red Velvet! Yay, cake! The cake plan is interrupted by a knock on the door. Juliet tells Goodwin to stay. Then she scratches him behind the ear and gives him a Milkbone. Goodwin comes out of the bedroom and finds Juliet looking at X-rays that Carl developed for her. He asks if something is wrong. He does not ask why she has a light board in her living room. Juliet storms across the compound with the X-rays in her hand. She knocks on Ben's door. He is reading Carrie. He doesn't know why she picked it. Ben, she picked it because Stephen King is a fan of the show! The writers like to point this out occasionally! Duh! Juliet does not sugarcoat the news: Ben has a tumor. When he looks stunned, she asks why. He raises his eyebrows and says, "You just told me I had cancer Juliet." She says, "I didn't say you had cancer, I said you had a tumor. Why are you scared? If no one get cancer on this Island, if you can cure cancer, Ben, then why do you have it?" Ben has poured himself a glass of water, but Juliet knocks the glass out of his hand. She demands to speak to her sister. She knows he lied. She knows he never cured her. He says he told her the truth. He gave her his word. Juliet then cries, wails, leans on him, and begs to go home. He says no. She cries some more. Ben is wearing a pink shirt, and it kind of makes him looks like a boiled shrimp. A boiled shrimp wearing glasses.

Juliet sets off from the Beach at night, running. Now it's daylight and she is still running. Maybe she's bionic? Or maybe her desire to be popular is giving her a huge adrenaline rush? She reaches a giant tree with a symbol carved on it. Mr. Conspiracy Theory is texting me to let me know that the symbol is damn close to the mark Juliet got branded into her back after killing a fellow Other. So I guess she'll remember it, eh? The secret stash of serum is in a case buried under some leafy greens. As she grabs the case, Sawyer and Sayid tag-team her. They have guns. My tween neighbor IMs me to say, "They R 2 hott!" Yeah, the hottest vigilante squad ever! As they grab the case, Juliet tries to explain that it's medical supplies for Claire and Jack knows all about it. Sawyer and Sayid really don't care. It's time to talk. Juliet says they don't have time. But Sawyer says they cleared their schedules! Didn't her Outlook scheduler send her the update? She should really sync up her Blackberry. Juliet decides to bitch her way out of the situation: "It's interesting that you two are now the camp's moral police. Sayid, how long did it take to tell everyone about how many people you tortured? Did you tell them about Basra?" Then she turns on Sawyer, except she calls him "James" so he totally knows he's in trouble. She asks if he gathered everyone together to tell them how he murdered that shrimp shack guy? She suggests that they skip the part where they pretend to be the ethics committee. She's going to take that case and save Claire, because the last thing that they need right now is more blood on their hands. She looks like she's going to puke as she takes the case out of Sawyer's hand and leaves the boys standing there saying a whole lot of nothing. Sawyer, Sayid? What the hell happened to you? Not one snappy comeback? Not a single word about how the Others killed all the Tailies? No mention of the kidnapping and torture? No? ... Sigh.

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