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Desperately Seeking Some Answers

Claire wakes up in her tent feeling much better. Since it appears that Juliet is not going to get tarred and feathered immediately, Jack helps settle her in to the Losties' luxurious accommodations. He gives her a blanket and some airline pillows and says there's a lean-to they were using for shade, but everyone agreed she can camp out in it. She says thanks. Jack takes the opportunity to explain that they are good people. They're willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. But eventually they're going to need some answers. She nods her head and then asks, "Why don't you? Why don't you need answers?" Jack explains that she was standing there next to him when that submarine exploded. He saw the look in her eye and he knows that she wants to get off the Island more than anything else in the world. He says, "That makes you one of us." She moves up to the lean-to and manages to move her top lip into a semi-smile. Sort of. It's more of an implied smile.

Juliet is sitting at a table with Ben in what is apparently the Others' conference room. Ben says, "Let's go over it again." Juliet says she's got it: "I drag Austen out into the jungle, handcuff myself to her, and then tell her I was gassed just like she was. Admit it and tell her it was the only way to earn her trust. Then they will take me back to the beach. I know you want me to go there, but after everything we've done to them... It's going to be a problem." Ben says, "We've activated the implant in Claire. She should be symptomatic within 48 hours. By the time you get there, you'll have a nice big crisis to solve." Juliet pipes in that she will need supplies. Ben says, "Price is already on his way. You can pick them up at Ethan's old drop point. Tell Jack that you can save her. He trusts you." Ben stops to ask if she is all right. She says she's fine. Ben hands her a gas mask and wheels off, saying, "I'll see you in a week." Judging from the ambulance sounds next door, Mr. Conspiracy Theory has apparently had an apoplectic fit over all of this. Back on the beach, Juliet continues to settle into her lean-to. She studies Jack. She looks happy, and then evil. All without moving her face! What an actress!

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