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Just want to point out, off the top, that the shot of "the Others" on the beach is a different one than we supposedly saw "previously" on Lost. I hate when shows do that. This one's less silhouetty, and they're not advancing. Just standing there, all Warriors-like, glaring at Michael, Jin, and Sawyer.

We pick up right there this week, with the lead Other (let's assume, as he's the biggest, the meanest-looking, and he's in front) hopping down from the rock the group is standing on and striding towards our heroes. He's played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, who played model prisoner Adebisi on Oz, so until I learn his actual name, Otherbisi it is. He's carrying a rather large, round stick, and when Sawyer gets up, Otherbisi gives him a Barry Bonds across the jaw. Former cellmate Michael "Augustus Hill" Dawson gets no love either, with a one-two combination in the gut and the back, and Jin gets clubbed with a rather frightening-looking Otherbisi bringing down an overhand skull-cracker.

Now our heroes are being dragged through the jungle in nets. As far as the theory that the Others (if these are the Others Rousseau warned about) are descendants of the slaves from the Black Rock, there appears to be a blonde woman and at least another white or possibly Asian woman dragging the guys. Michael, Jin, and Sawyer are thrown into brush-covered holes in a clearing in the jungle. Michael groggily says, "Where's my boy," and gets louder at Otherbisi, who's looking down into the pit. "What'd you do with my boy?" yells Michael, although I don't think any of these Others were on the biker gang pirate ship. Otherbisi drops the brush cover back down on the pit and walks away while Michael futilely yells for him to come back.

How many times do we have to see the Desmond/Jack standoff? I've seen this as often as I've seen The Big Lebowski, and no points for guessing which one I enjoy more. "Do you want him to die?" and "Is this what you were talking about, Locke?" and all that. Locke gets the "we're going to flashback with this guy" shot, so this is promising.

There's Locke, with a pretty stellar comb-over. Excellent. This episode gets an A-plus right here. He's in what appears to be an Al-Anon meeting, or maybe just some sort of group therapy session. Some sad young woman is talking about her mother stealing her money again, thirty dollars this time (Locke rudely checks his watch), when she wants a drink, and says, "I know it may not seem like a lot of money to some of you, but it's a lot to me. And I want it back." Locke, covering his face with his hand, can't suppress a chuckle. Apparently the kidney his birth father stole contained his civility as well.

The group's facilitator or counsellor or whatever looks at him coolly. For a brief second I excitedly thought she was played by Frances McDormand with a blonde wig, but alas. She asks if Locke's got something to say. No, he'd prefer to sit there and snicker, thank you. The facilitator presses further, saying Locke has been coming here for a week now, so he finally says that he doesn't think that thirty dollars is worth getting upset about, and when the facilitator starts to say "Francine feels like thirty dollars..." Locke interrupts her with, "Francine feels a little too much, if you ask me. You all do." Yeah, Francine. You sit down. Put on your "well, I never!" face if you must, but sit down. Locke then outlines his endorsement of Denis Leary's "shut the fuck up!" form of therapy, mocking the other participants' various complaints. We see Katey Sagal try to hide a smile. Oh, Katey Sagal. Yeah, that's better than Frances McDormand. Locke trumps the "so-and-so never called me back" with "Hey, I never even KNEW my parents!" and wins the hand outright with "my real father pretended to love me just long enough to steal my kidney!" It gets even more complainy, with Locke saying his father dropped him back out in the world like a piece of trash, "just like he did on the day I was born." Francine is now looking like, "Okay, I guess losing thirty dollars isn't so bad," but Locke is shouting by this point. "You want your damn thirty dollars back? I want my kidney back." He sits back in his chair.

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