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So naturally, we wind up back in front of Papa's house. It's dark. Locke's sipping coffee again (all-night place nearby?). Suddenly, headlights flare from behind him and draw closer before hitting his back bumper. Not hard, but hard enough so that it wasn't an accident. Cooper? Nope. Scarier than a heartless kidney-stealing birth father, it's a pissed-off girlfriend. Helen stomps up to the driver's side window and glares at Locke. Then, without saying a word, she reaches in the window and yanks Locke's car keys out of the ignition and strides toward the gate. Locke gets out and chases her, too late to stop her from tossing the keys over the fence. Locke's all, what did you do that for? Yeah, really -- how's he supposed to leave now? Helen turns around and gives him a little bit of tough love, telling him that his father doesn't care. "I know why you're here -- why you keep coming here. You're scared -- scared of moving forward -- with me, with us. You're going to have to choose. Him or me." He tells her it isn't that simple, and she says it is, and he says he can't do it, and she says he can, and so forth. He goes over and kicks the gate in frustration and says he doesn't know how. "Because you don't know what's going to happen," she says. "None of us do. That's why it's called a leap of faith, John. You don't have to be alone." He looks at her, still frightened. She holds out her hand. He seems to surrender and comes back to her, taking her hand, and they stand there a moment. I guess the director cut before Locke said, "So, looks like we're taking your car."

Back in the hatch-hole, Locke is still in Painful Flashback Agony when we hear Kate shouting. She strolls into the antiquated-equipment room, followed by Hurley and Sayid. Look, as I much as I love him, if Hurley's there, they couldn't have really been rushing to get back. Sayid and Hurley look around in bewilderment, with Hurley breaking out his most awestruck "dude." Kate wants to know where Jack is, and Locke just says, simply, "Jack's gone. I need your help." Some follow-up questions might be in order here, Kate, such as, "By 'gone' you don't mean 'dead,' do you?" But if Locke fills them in further, we don't see it.

The timer's at twenty-four minutes. Kate and Hurley are strolling through the facility, looking for, as per Sayid's instructions, the breaker box. He tells them to follow the conduit lines, and Hurley, muttering under his breath, says, "Cool, okay, great. What's a conduit line?" Kate points out the tubes on the ceiling, tells Hurley to follow them. What Hurley, finds, though, is the pantry. He walks in and gives a reverent "whoa." "Did you find it?" calls Kate. Hurley surveys the shelves and shelves of food. "Depends on what you mean by 'it,'" he says. I'm not too worried about stereotypical "fat guy finds the food" plotlines just yet, given that Kate reacted pretty much the same way when she found the food, which is the same way I think anyone would react after spending a month and a half foraging for themselves.

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