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Back in the Other pit, Sawyer's whispering what the plan is going to be: Jin's going to play dead, and Ana-Lucia will call for help. How do they explain that to Jin, by the way? Or is the fact that he looks like he understands perfectly what they're talking about good enough for them? Ana-Lucia scoffs, "Sick prisoner? Are you serious?" Sawyer snaps at her, wondering if she has a better idea. She starts quizzing him about the gun, like where he got it, why he didn't use it when he was captured, that sort of thing. It takes him a little longer than it should to wonder why she's pressing for information, and when Sawyer is distracted by Michael saying they've got to get going, Ana-Lucia grabs the gun from Sawyer Girlfight-style and points it at our heroes. Then she yells upwards, "Back up! Back up! Coming up! Coming up!" and Otherbisi comes back, lifts open the cage, and throws a rope loop down for her. She hops on, and he hauls her up. "What happened? Who are they?" he says, in a thick accent. Too bad Michael, Jin, and Sawyer haven't seen any of her movies, apparently, or they'd know Michelle Rodriguez specializes in scrappy little firecrackers. ["And surfers, which could be an interesting wrinkle." -- Sars]

Desmond's running through the jungle, and at this point I'd even settle for an orchestral version of Creedence's "Run Through the Jungle," but it's not happening, not this day. He stumbles and falls, spilling open his backpack, and as he stuffs it again, Jack strolls up, gun drawn, telling him to stop. Desmond thinks he's there for the code, although Jack doesn't seem to have any idea what he's talking about. Looks like Jack should have paid a little more attention to the orientation film. Desmond starts rattling off the numbers, and he's in the middle of repeating them when Jack orders him to shut up: "Nothing is going to happen. Some man takes you down there, shows you a movie, and you push a button on, on faith alone? Nothing is going to happen!" He yells that last part. Desmond says that in about fifteen minutes, Jack is going to be very right or very wrong, and he calls him "brothah" again. Jack wants to know why he's running. "YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU'RE RUNNING FROM!" he shouts. Finally Desmond recognizes Jack, making the Adam-West-as-Batman connection-stretch from Jack saying "running" to Jack actually running, in the stadium.

"I remember you," says Desmond, and he recounts their encounter in the stadium, despite Jack warning him to stop. "You're a doctor, right? There was this gull. You were worried. You said, you said you failed her. That was you!" Jack's moved on from "stop" to "it doesn't matter," even when Desmond asks if the "gull" was okay. Desmond presses, asks what happened to her. "I married her!" Jack shouts, and breaks down, turning his back on Desmond, who you'd think would start running again. Instead, he says, "Right. And you're not...you're not married to her anymore, then?" Jack can't even answer; he just sort of shakes his head. Desmond doesn't ask any more questions, just gathers up his stuff and says, "See you in another life, yeah?" which is exactly how he said goodbye to Jack all those years before.

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