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Back in the hatch-hole, the timer flips from six minutes to five minutes. "Can you fix it?" asks Locke, pacing. Sayid's sitting at the computer. "This man, whoever he was, replaced the motherboard," he says, doing some poking around. "The power transformer is blown." Locke asks if Sayid doesn't need to know why. "All I need to know is that the timer is counting down to something, and that this computer needs to be repaired. I'm sure you'll tell me why once I've done so." Wow. Sayid really is the perfect soldier, isn't he? We see Kate find the breaker box, and flip the switch. "Found it!" she yells, in case anyone missed the lights coming back on.

Then the timer flips to four minutes and the beeping starts. Hurley, coming back to the computer room, wants to know what that is, but given that no one knows anything about it beyond its being a countdown clock, no one says anything. Now that the power's back on, Locke tries to do a little armchair computer repair, but Sayid tells him he's on it, putting the cover back on the computer and saying he's reconnected the processor and replaced the transformer. He flicks the switch, and the angry smiley prompt is instantly there, no boot-up or anything. "Okay, so what now?" says Kate, and Locke sits down at the computer, saying there was a code that Desmond made him enter, and he starts entering it, having slight difficulty remembering what it was. "Four, eight..." he starts saying, as he enters the numbers, so naturally Hurley snaps to: "Wait a minute," and as Locke continues with the numbers, Hurley gives him a "Dude, I'm serious, stop!" and Locke calls him "Hugo" and says it's not the time or the place. Hurley's saying, "Yeah, well, I think it is!" when Locke gets to the last number, which he thinks is 32. Hurley pauses, then says, "You know what? Forget it. Do your thing." Locke's finger hovers over the execute button for a moment, enough time for us to hear Jack say, "It's not 32, it's 42."

Jack's standing in the doorway. "He just told me; Desmond. The last number's 42." Locke asks him if he's sure, and Jack says he is. He doesn't look terribly happy about this whole business. Neither does Hurley, but for different reasons. Locke types in 42, then again, hovers over the EXECUTE button. Then he looks at Jack, who's walking out of the room. "You do it, Jack," he says. Jack comes back, all "what?" and Locke starts this ridiculous argument about how Jack saw the film and saw that "this is a two-person job," like, pressing the EXECUTE button is not a two-person job, Locke, and I don't care that you think you need to get Jack on board. There are three other people in the room here with you, including Sayid, who thank god just says, "This argument is irrelevant," and it's nice that he's thinking for himself again. He's about to press the button, but Locke stops him because of this "Jack has to do it" nonsense.

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