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The petty details of so-and-so's life

After commercials, Desmond struggles to get to his feet, saying he has to fix the computer. Jack wants to know what the hell he's talking about. "If you don't let me up, we're going to die," says Desmond. Jack's still being the tough guy, so Desmond points out the timer on the wall, which flips from ninety-eight to ninety-seven minutes as we watch. He says he needs to enter the code, he's gotta push the button. Locke tries telling Jack to let Desmond do it. "Don't tell me what to do," snaps Jack, like a child. He turns Desmond over slightly, points the gun at his face, and asks him what'll happen if he doesn't enter the code. A flicker of recognition crosses Desmond's face. "Do I know you?" he says. Locke looks sharply at Jack, probably remembering Jack's "You!" when he first Desmond's face. Jack flips Desmond back over. Jack looks up at Kate, still holding her shotgun. "You got him?" he says, so he stands up, puts away his gun. With Kate covering Desmond, he frantically starts examining the computer, flipping switches in vain. Locke stares at Jack. "What?" says Jack. "Nothing, Jack," says Locke, mildly.

Flashback to a bedroom with a sleeping Helen, and a Locke getting dressed, quietly so as not to wake her. Or perhaps it's out of reverence. Whatever his reason, he's not quiet enough, and she stirs. "Hey," she says smiling, and then looking puzzled. "What are you doing? Where are you going?" Locke mumbles something about having trouble sleeping in a strange bed. Helen considers this before making a "oh, here we go," face, so Locke hastily assures her that it has nothing to do with her. "I really like you," he says, apologizing and promising to call her. Because the more phony-sounding lines you pile on, the more likely you'll be believed. Helen looks like she's unsure whether to believe him or not, but seems to be erring on the side of not checking off any plus-one boxes any time soon.

Locke's sitting in his car outside the gates of one kidney-stealing birth father. He watches a security guard meander along, which I guess is why he didn't notice his dad, Cooper, who is not exactly a ninja, sidle up and open the passenger-side door and get in the car. "Morning," he says. Locke stares for a moment before saying "morning" as well. Cooper says that he knows Locke likes to drive around his neighbourhood, and every so often he likes to park outside Cooper's house. Given that Locke drives a rather inconspicuous cherry-red Volkswagen Beetle, I'm guessing he wasn't too concerned about being noticed. Cooper says he figured that would end when he moved (is this a different walled compound? Lost couldn't use the same set again?), but here's Locke again. Cooper says he admits that at first he thought it was funny, but now it's just annoying: "So how about you tell me what the hell it is you want?" Locke thinks about it for a moment before asking why. "Excuse me?" says Cooper. Locke repeats it. Cooper stares at him with scorn and hate and disgust all together. Not surprisingly, Locke can't hold Cooper's hateful gaze. "There is no why," says Cooper, who then asks if Locke thinks he's the first person who ever got conned. "You needed a father figure, I needed a kidney. And that's what happened. Get over it," says Cooper. He starts to open his door before adding, "And John? Don't come back. You're not wanted." No kidding. Cooper gets out; Locke has himself a good cry.

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