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The petty details of so-and-so's life

Desmond's running around the compound, scrabbling through shelves, riffling through books. Kate's still got the rifle trained on him, and Locke says he doesn't think she needs that, and on his say-so, Kate lowers the gun. Locke asks Desmond if he can help. "Can you fix a computer?" says Desmond, and Locke is forced to shrug, so Desmond snaps that Locke can't help, then. Kate helpfully points out that Sayid can fix a computer, so Locke tells her to go get him. Jack asks if she can get back up the shaft, and she says there's gotta be a front door in the place, looking expectantly at Desmond, who tells her, "Down the corridor to the left," and then "Be persistent. The wheel sticks." Kate takes off down the hall, finds the door, and sure enough, the wheel sticks, but with a little effort she gets it to turn.

Meanwhile, Desmond's all "found it!" and has his paws on a little jar of...bolts? I guess? Hard to tell. He goes running back to the computer, sets the jar down, and gets to work. Jack, who has traded in his handgun for Desmond's rifle, picks up the jar and points the rifle at Desmond. "Now, you're going to tell me what's going on." Locke tries to say that they don't have the time, and Jack says they're going to take a timeout. If Desmond wants to get to work, he's going to tell Jack how he got here. It was three years ago, says Desmond. He was on a solo race around the world. "My boat crashed into the reef and then Kelvin came," yells Desmond (he's yelling this entire time, because he is both crazy and panicked). "Kelvin?" prompts Locke. Desmond says this Kelvin came running out of the jungle, told Desmond to come with him, and brought him into the compound. First thing he did was teach Desmond to enter the code when the beeping goes off to make it stop. "'What was all that about?' I say. 'Just saving the world,' he says." You're not going to believe this, but Jack looks skeptical. "Saving the world," he says. "His words, not mine," says Desmond. "So I started pushing the button too. And we saved the world together for a while, and that was lovely." Hee. But then Kelvin died, and poor Desmond was left all alone. Yes, but do you have two kidneys? "THE END!" yells Desmond. Jack gives him back his jar of computer parts, and the timer clicks down to eighty-four minutes. Jack walks away as Desmond gets back to work.

Locke's still hanging around, and Jack's all, don't tell me you believe this crap. "You think that makes sense? Pushing a button? You're just going to take his word for it?" says Jack, and Locke says, "His word is all we have, Jack," whatever that's supposed to mean. Desmond says they don't have to take his word for it: "Watch the film." Jack's all, what? "Bookcase, top shelf, behind Turn of the Screw," says Desmond. Sure -- that, he knows the precise location of. Important jar of crucial computer-fixing parts required to stave off apocalypse? That he has to hunt for. Jack just stares at him, while Locke heads for the bookcase. Jack follows. Finding Turn of the Screw, he throws it on the floor (ow! The unreliable narrator is getting trampled!) and reaches behind, pulling out a metal film canister with the Dharma logo on it. On the side is a label: "Orientation." Hence the episode title!

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