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Back on the beach, Hurley's playing with Vincent. Oh, so the dog came back? And Shannon is NOT WATCHING HIM again? Good to know. Also, it's morning now? How long has everybody been down the hatch? He spots Sayid carting some luggage across the sand. Looks like the Lostaways are setting back up on the beach. Hurley scurries -- and you might not think a man his size can scurry, but that is what he does -- over to help. "Dude, I didn't think we were going to get through the night. And I wasn't even here for the...baby-stealing part." Sayid dryly assures him it was quite exciting. Hurley says it's great that things are finally returning to "normalness." Huh? It's the day after he went on an expedition to get dynamite that got Arzt blowed up real good, and the reason for the dynamite was so they could blow open a hatch to use as shelter from the Others, who may or not still be coming. And Jack and Locke had a big fight about it, and now you'd think Jack, Locke, and Kate are nowhere to be found. And things are returning to "normalness," according to Hurley. I suppose the only reason he says that is so he can be all annoyed when Kate comes running up screaming Sayid's name, thus throwing everything "back" into chaos. "Sayid, we need your help," she says.

Back in the Others' pits, Sawyer seems to have forgotten that Jin speaks no English, or at least no more English than is necessary for pivotal scenes or show-ending cliffhangers, because he's asking Jin what the Others did to him, and how many there are, that sort of thing. Jin is at least able to communicate that he was blindfolded, so he can't be of much help. "There could be a hundred of them up there!" says Sawyer. This is where you need a Bruce Willis-type action hero to smirk and say, "My kind of odds."

Sawyer asks for a boost up so he can get them out of there. Jin and Michael help Sawyer get up (yeah, of the three guys in the pit, send up the guy who's got only one usable arm) and he grabs the bars (made of small trees, looks like) providing most of the security. "They've got it weighted down with something." He feels around. "It's tied on somewhere." His exploration is cut short when a huge knife is shoved through the bars, surprising Sawyer, who falls to the floor of the pit.

It's Otherbisi, who glares at them through the bars, which he then lifts up, and then dumps out the netting he has, which contains another person, who falls into the pit with them. She's out cold, and our heroes examine her. "It's a girl!" says Michael, kind of thrilled, like this prison ain't so bad if they provide you with co-ed roommates and they don't have to resort to buggery. I'm sure Augustus has had enough of that. Indeed, it's Michelle Rodriguez, last seen drunkenly flirting with Jack in an airport lounge.

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