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Back to Dr. Kandel: "You and your partner are currently located in Station 3, or the Swan, and will be for the next 540 days." Jack looking like, "I don't think so." Locke looking like, "Cool!" "Station 3 was originally constructed as a laboratory where scientists could work to understand the unique electromagnetic fluctuations emanating from this sector of the island.

"Not long after the experiments began, however, there was...an incident." That last ellipsis was actually a pause in Kandel speaking, not a cut on the film itself. I love how Kandel pauses there. Some bad shit went down in this "incident," obviously. "And since that time the following protocol has been observed: every 108 minutes the button must be pushed." Kandel wanders over to a little model of the antique technology room. Aw, it looks so cute. He should have put little G.I. Joes in there; that would have ruled. "From the moment the alarm sounds you will have four minutes to enter the code into the microcomputer processor ... induction into the program. When the alarm sounds, either you or your partner must input the code. It is highly recommended that you and your partner take alternating shifts. In this manner you will stay as fresh and alert ... utmost importance that when the alarm sounds the code be entered correctly, and in a timely fashion." Jack starts rolling his eyes, because, you see, he is a Man of Science! "Do not attempt to use the computer for anyth- ... Congratulations; until your replacements arrive, the future of the project is in your hands. On behalf of the DeGroots, Alvar Hanso, and all of us at the Dharma Initiative, thank you. Namasté. And good luck."

Credits roll. Copyright The Hanso Foundation, 1980. All Rights Reserved. Soundtrack available on A&M Records.

Jack's silent, before looking over at Locke, who's still staring at the screen. "We're going to have to watch that again," Locke says.

Flashback to Locke and Helen, at a restaurant. Helen puts a little gift-wrapped box on his plate. Aw, and Locke didn't get you anything except a frustrating relationship with an emotional refugee. "It's been six months. Sort of an anniversary, right?" she says, and fortunately the pedantic Locke doesn't correct her, and he says he didn't get her anything, which she says is okay because her gift only cost a buck, and here's hoping she breaks a five when it's actually an anniversary. He opens it, and it's a key to her place, because, she says, he might be "tired of knocking." Locke looks a combination of touched and not thrilled. "Why, Helen. I don't know what to say," he says, which probably isn't the reaction she was hoping for but she presses on anyway. She tells him the key comes with one condition. See, Locke, this is where it starts. She says that when he stays over, he has to stay over. She tells him that she followed him the other night, and asks him if that was his father's house. Locke's silent for a long while. "Why would you follow me, Helen? Why would you do that?" he says, shaking his head. He talks about how this is his business, and she says she wasted twenty years of her life being angry, and she needed to help to get over it, and blah blah blah. "You helped me, John. And I can help you," she says, and then asks him to promise not to go to his father's house anymore. After a moment's consideration, he agrees, puts the key in his pocket, and then they start making out right there in the restaurant, which I'm sure the other diners appreciate.

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