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Flippin' The Bird

During the reading of the letter, the camera pans around the Island onto the faces of the Losties we know and love. There's Sawyer reading Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead on the beach. There's Sun and Jin playing with Aaron. There is hope. Please don't give up on us. This is oddly reminiscent of the scene in The Breakfast Club where the camera follows them out of the library where they have spent their detention and Claire (Molly Ringwald's Claire that is) reads their essay about being the Jock, the Princess, the Basketcase, the Criminal, and the Brain, and how society sees them one way, but they are all really the same on the inside. Yes, I know I have seen far too many John Hughes films, but so have you. So shut up. And please, please tell me there will not be an Ayn Randian subplot on this show. Please?

Claire takes the opportunity to tell Charlie that she is not giving up on him. He is going to be okay. They are going to be okay. They will get through this together. She frees the bird, takes his hand, and they watch as the bird goes off to join its flock. The flock that is flying right over Kate's head in the jungle. Sayid, who is operating as scout leader, comes out of the jungle with a funny look on his face. Hard to imagine, but true! Kate asks, what? Sayid states, "We're here." The foursome treks a little further and sure enough, they are at the Barracks. It appears to be a happy and convivial place. Children are running. People are laughing. And Jack is running straight at them! But, wait, no, he is just playing football and laughing. And Kate is looking mighty pissed. Jack spikes the ball five feet from his so-called rescue party. Oy.

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