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Flippin' The Bird

Charlie has put out quite the spread for Claire, including cereal served in a lovely carved melon. Wow, these Edible Arrangement sales guys are determined! Desmond crashes their picnic, informing Charlie that of all the things he could be doing today, hunting with Desmond is probably his best option. Desmond and Charlie exchange some very meaningful eye contact until Charlie agrees to go hunting with him. Ooh, is this how Charlie avoids death for another day? By hunting a wild boar? It's like the manly man's The Seventh Seal. Besides, chess is hard. Chess blows shit up. I'm going hunting with death instead. That'll put off the inevitable. While normally Claire would be annoyed and probably shriek Chah-leeee!!! a few times if he was ditching her based solely on some intense Desmond eye gazing, today she is too busy staring intently at the sky and chuckling to herself and walking backwards down the beach claiming she knows how to get them off this Island.

Apparently, Claire has gone to the birds. Claire runs up to Jin and Sun and asks for Jin's nets and buckets. Lots of buckets! She saw birds! Lots of birds! Sun (in perfectly accentless English) asks what birds? Sawyer adds that it sounds like fun, but I think he was being sarcastic. I know, so out of character! Claire restates her desire for nets. Sawyer takes off his glasses and demands to know, "Nets for what, Bar-..." Sun shoots him a dirty look because Sawyer is still under the nickname ban so cruelly imposed by the Losties when he lost the ping-pong tournament. He stops himself and re-asks his question. "Nets for what?" Claire explains that she saw a flock of sea birds. Sea birds are migratory and will continue to head south, so when they land in Australia or New Zealand or wherever they can get a message there. Sun is still not getting it. Maybe her hottie English teacher didn't get around to teaching her the word "migratory" in between all the migrating he was doing into her pants. Heh. Claire continues that she saw the sun glinting off a tag. If the birds are tagged and the Losties catch one, they can get a message to whoever is tracking the birds. They just have to catch one. They'll need some chum to get the birds to settle in the water, and then they'll use the net to grab one. She asks Charlie to get some knives, but Charlie is busy thinking about his Imminent Doom. When she finally gets his attention he wants to know how she know all about birds. She explains that she watched a lot of nature programs with her mom. He gets all snippy as one is wont to in the face of Imminent Doom and snarls that that doesn't make her an expert, and he doesn't want her wasting her time. Didn't we already hear this argument between Bernard and Rose? And didn't it, like, not work at all? The Bernard/Rose retelling continues because Charlie doesn't want her wasting her time when he COULD BE DEAD. Claire asks what happened to seizing the day? Charlie doesn't see the point any more, especially not with that ominous shot of Desmond and his rifle in the background.

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