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Flippin' The Bird

Patch starts from the beginning. The great man who brought us here was a great man, a magnificent man. Kate scoffs at this because if Ben was such a great man, why did he need one of them to save him? Patch laughs. That diaper wetter? Ben is not the great man of whom he speaks. Ben is just a so-so man, a not-so-bad man. Definitely not a great man. The camera lingers on Locke's face for a while. Patch continues to spell it out for the dunces: You are not on the List because you are flawed. You, he looks at Locke, are angry; you, he looks in the general direction of Sayid, are weak and frightened. So does that mean that Happy, Dopey, Sneezy, and Doc are on the List? Sayid snorts, the more he meets the Others the less he believes they are omniscient. Patch shouldn't talk at them like he knows them. Patch rolls his eye, "Oh yes, Sayid Jarrah, how would I know you? And you, Kate Austen, you are a complete stranger to me. But you, John Locke, you are a fleeting memory to me. But I must be mistaken because he John Locke I know was a man --" Rousseau interrupts just as we are about to get some good info on who the heck John Locke is. My phone rings. Yes? "Hey it's me, Conspiracy Theory Guy. Like, oh my god! Is Locke an Other? Is Rousseau an Other? Are Locke and Rousseau in it together? What don't they want us to know! Oh my god, I'm totally peeing my pants here!" Then I get an earful of giggling and hand wringing and jumping up and I hang up the phone to get back to the re-capping already. Rousseau wants everyone to come look at something. It is a giant field with cement poles every twenty yards or so with alarm horn looking thingies strapped to the top. Sorry, I am definitely not a gadget girl. Suffice it to say the field is big and impressive and kind of creepy.

Jin is practicing his English skills with Claire on the beach while they set up a trap for the birdies. Claire asks Jin if it will work, and he says yes. It looks to be a variation on the Elmer Fudd carrot-box-stick bunny snare. Jin asks Claire to help Sun carry buckets of chum down the beach. Claire and Sun laugh about how stinky the fish is and settle down to get it over with quickly. Sun says that cutting bait was her mother's worst fear for her prospects especially after marrying a fisherman's son. Sun and Claire laugh about how daughters never turn out how their mothers want. Sun then laughs because her mother never worked a day in her life. Claire looks glum and says her mother was a librarian. "Was?" Sun asks. Claire looks even more glum and changes the subject by going to give Jin his fish guts. Every boy's dream a hot blonde with free fish guts.

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