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Flippin' The Bird

Sayid and Kate sit and watch Locke chop down a tree. I guess they are punishing him for killing Patch. Sayid explains to the studio audience that since the security system works when someone breaks through the perimeter, they will have to go over it. If they do not touch the fence, they should be fine. They are using trees to build a ladder of sorts. Rousseau asks why they don't just use the plastic explosive. Locke says she should feel free to go stick it on the pylon. Rousseau rolls her eyes and wanders off. Kate volunteers to go first. Locke looks at her like she is completely bats, but she takes a deep breath and straddles the tree. She climbs, climbs, drops, stands still for a moment and then realizes she is fine. She sort of smiles and waves at the others. Sayid motions for her to stay where she is and not come any closer to the fence, while Locke volunteers to go next. Kate flips Patch over and stares meaningfully into his eye. Once Locke is safely over the fence, he looms over Kate while she ponders the meaning of Patch.

Light Claire is using a Bondi Beach t-shirt as a diaper for Aaron. This may or may not be the writers' commentary on Australian tourist attractions. Instead of re-setting the trap and catching a bird, Claire and Sun decide to rehash what happened. Sun says Claire has every right to be mad. Claire says that it doesn't make any sense. Desmond has never gone boar hunting before, and the boar never come close to the beach. Sun points out that whatever it is, the boys are still over there arguing about it. Sure enough, Desmond and Charlie are gesturing wildly at each down the beach. Claire asks Sun to watch the baby while she goes to get some answers.

Dark Claire apparently works as an ear piercer. So gross! As she is punching a hole in some lady's ear, the front door to the shop opens. Claire says she will be right there. She finishes up the maiming and goes to see that Jack's Dad has come in. He asks if he can buy her a cup of coffee. She declines. Jack's Dad says that he is leaving tonight and will be out of her nastily over-dyed hair forever. Can he please buy her one cup of coffee before he goes? She apparently agrees to go because the next minute they are sitting across from each other in a café. Dark Claire is anxiously fiddling with her black rubber bracelets and chewing her black fingernails. She is a Goth after all. Dark Claire breaks the silence by blurting: "So it's true." Jack's Dad says yes. How did Jack's Dad find out about the surgery? A doctor friend in Sydney called him as soon as she came to the hospital. Why did her mom tell her he was dead? Uh, Dark Claire? Duh. Obviously because he left her with so many wonderful memories. Jack's Dad sits up straight in the universal language that is good posture indicating that now he will tell her the truth. He and her mom had a fling. He got back to Los Angeles and got a phone call that she was pregnant and that she was going to have the baby. Dark Claire wants to know why he never wanted to see her. He claims that he used to come all the time when she was little, but he stopped because her aunt hates him. Oh come on. Aunt Bitchy hates everyone! Well, yes, there was Aunt Bitchy and there was the fact that her mom didn't like that he had an entire other family in Los Angeles. Wow. Claire's mom sure is picky.

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