Pilot, Part II

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The Second Time Is Always the Sweetest Time (For Rammin')
Or wait! Hold on! Maybe he never actually was in the Republican Guard, and instead HE'S IN THE CIA! SAYID IS A CIA AGENT POSING AS AN IRAQI SOLDIER IN AN ATTEMPT TO INFILTRATE THE ISLAND WITH SPIES!! Sorry, I've been reading the boards, where people are going a little tiny bit crazy in spinning out wild scenarios involving each and every character on the show. Of course, who knows, maybe they'll be right. J.J. Abrams, I'm told, has gone cockamamie before.

Ocean shot. They have some nice surf there, but nothing too big. It's summer on the North Shore. By episode fifteen or so, that shit will be huge; once those December waves start rolling in, they can take out the entire beach. Sigh. Kate Beckinsale is standing around in her underpants, washing herself off. I sit up in my chair, crack my knuckles, and get ready to recap the hell out of this scene. Okay. The first thing that she does is splash water on her left arm. The water sort of beads up a little but mostly splashes off. It's hard to tell, but I imagine she probably has a little bit of chicken skin here. Then she takes off her tank top and lays it over her right shoulder. Okay, then, um, she gathers up her hair, which is wet, like she just washed it maybe, although she doesn't appear to be holding any shampoo, so maybe she just rinsed it out, and she twists her hair around into a shaggy bun of sorts. She ties it up with a rubber band she had wrapped around her wrist. This whole time, she's looking down toward the water, you know, kind of sad and pensive. She's probably thinking about who they're going to hire to play opposite Scott Speedman in Underworld 2 now that she's disappeared. Linda Cardellini? Robin Tunney? Some no-name ex-model who looks just like her but has never had a previous role to speak of? Then she removes the tank top from her shoulder just as she hears someone speaking to her. We cut to a different shot, from behind her. She looks back over her left shoulder, one lock of hair dangling in front of her eye. SunsayssomethinginKoreanandpointsdownthebeach and then Kate Beckinsale nods, sunshine illuminating the left side of her face. She still looks pretty sad and pensive. Actually, I find it rare that Kate Beckinsale looks anything other than sad and pensive, so just assume unless told otherwise that that's her expression. Sunsortofsmilesandwalksaway and then Kate stands twisted around to her left, nicely framed by some splashing surf on the left and a big black rock on the right. Her bra and underpants don't match, which is a nice nod to reality by the costuming people. She looks in the direction that Jin went off, and looks and looks and looks, and keeps looking, and just stares in that direction for quite some time, and eventually I realize I have TiVo on pause.

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