Pilot, Part II

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The Second Time Is Always the Sweetest Time (For Rammin')
Back at Midsection Beach. Sayid has fixed the radio but says they have no reception. Naveen Andrews has quite astonishingly long thumbnails, by the way. Seriously. It's like, not only are his thumbnails set further back on his thumb than most people's, they also extend further past the end of his finger. Seriously, he has beautiful lady thumbnails. Why was he punching Sawyer? Couldn't he have just scratched him until he got sepsis? Sayid says they could take the transceiver to high ground and try to get a signal; when Kate asks how high, he nods at the mountain behind her, which is so high it takes three intercuts between the camera tilting up and Kate looking more and more discouraged to reach the summit.

Jack's tending to Shrapnel Guy. He'd left the shrapnel alone in hopes that the guy might be at a hospital by now, he says. A day later, he thinks if he can remove the hunka hunka burning metal, and if he can control the bleeding and find antibiotics and keep him from going into sepsis (shout-out?), he might be able to save the man's life. Kate tells Jack that they're heading up the mountain to try and make the transceiver work. When Jack mentions the Iron Giant, Kate asks a salient question: "What makes you think we're any safer here than we are in the jungle?" Jack wants her to wait for him to go, but she cuts him off. Interestingly, I got the impression here that Kate was looking for reasons not to include Jack on this hike. Maybe she's wising up.

More commercials! Is the audience for Lost really the same as the audience for Aladdin on DVD?

Back on the beach with the lovely Sun and Jin. He's cutting up sea urchin with a knife he picked up somewhere. She reaches for a piece but he slaps her hand away. I don't know why saps like Dr. Phil keep claiming that communication is the hallmark of a good marriage; these two seem to have a pretty tight relationship even though they rarely speak or even make eye contact. As he walks away, she rebelliously unbuttons the top button of her blouse. Hott!

Jin approaches Hurley, who is rinsing out something disgusting in the ocean. His underwear? What is that? Jin is all, Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth? According to my friend Denny, who speaks Korean, they share the following conversation:

Jin: (I am totally turned on by your washing out your filthy underpants in the ocean!)
Hurley: 'Sup?
Jin: (Have some sea urchin! It's an aphrodisiac!)

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