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Eko's chopping logs for his planned Our Lady of Perpetual Starvation. Suddenly, he notices Ana-Lucia just standing there. She asks him what he's building. "I'm building a church," he says, and she quizzes him about why, and he says he was told to. "I think it was in a dream," he says. "A dream like this one?" she says. And now there is blood on her chest and trickling out the side of her mouth. "You need to help John," says Ana, with some difficulty. We get a very quick slide show of images accompanied by the sound of an electric card shuffler, or, possibly, the hatch counter flipping around; it's like an Eko greatest-hits collection, with crosses on corpses, planes, soldiers, Charlie, Virgin Mary statues, the bible thumper, Yemi (not necessarily in that order). If the show really wanted you to see it, it would have been slower, and they most likely would have worked a Sprite ad in there somehow. And the This Week in God thingy finally settles on the Dharma Swan station plaque, as Eko cautiously makes his way into the computer room.

Yemi's sitting at a computer, so we're still in a dream sequence. He turns toward Eko and stands up, and an overjoyed Eko starts blubbering that Yemi was right (presumably about how posing as a priest in order to smuggle heroin is bad? Well, duh) and he wants his brother's forgiveness, but Yemi interrupts him to say, "The work being done in this place is important, Eko. It is more important than anything. And it is in danger." Like Ana-Lucia, Yemi says Eko must help John: "He has lost his way. You must take him to the question mark."

The bunker beeping starts up again, and Yemi glances at the timer, which consists of five shuffling question marks. He quickly types in the numbers -- except that the keyboard consists of nothing but question marks. Having settled the timer down, he continues instructing Eko: "John will not want to show you. So you must make him." Eko turns to go, but Yemi grips his arm and says there will be many distractions, but Eko must look past them. Meanwhile, the whole bunker is shaking like a Sir Mixx-A-Lot video. "What is done is done," says Yemi, and he asks if Eko says he understands. Eko says he does, and Yemi smiles, but there's one more thing: "Bring the axe."

Eko wakes up, sitting straight up in the middle of the night, breathing heavily. Nearby, Charlie stirs, asks him if he's all right. Eko clutches his cross. Then he grabs his axe, and says, "I need to find John." Anything to say to that, Charlie? You're not concerned by this?

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