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I Can See How Ugly She'll Be When She's Old (The Psychic's Lament)
Tonight's eyeball: Claire's. It opens to the sound of a baby's cry off in the distance. She sits up with a gasp as the baby cries again. She seems to be in the Caves I Named Something A Few Weeks Ago But Can't Remember What. In a slightly startling profile reveal, we see that her once-pregnant belly is now flat. She dazedly wanders into the jungle as, according to the closed captioning, the crying first "continues," then "intensifies." In the real audio, the crying barely does either. I sometimes think of the closed captioning as the last resting place of the writer's initial hopes and dreams for an episode; that's where we see the impact the writer wanted this scene to have, before a lazy sound effects department just hauled out their well-worn CD of 101 Handy Sound Effects For Kids and skipped to Track 37, "Intermittently Squalling Baby." To continue my donnybrook against the technical staff of Lost, this scene -- like so many on this program -- seems to have been shot to look awesome on HDTV but terrible on a TV that any normal viewer might actually own. But hey, that plane crash was cool, right?

Claire walks into a clearing, or maybe onto the beach. Who can tell in this light? Locke's sitting at a desk with an electric lamp, doing something with a knife. At least, the sound effects department is supplying knifey sounds for this scene. "You know what's happening," he says to Claire. "He was your responsibility, but you gave him away." He looks up with those spooky black eyes and says, "Everyone pays the price now." The baby cries again, and Claire looks to her right; we see something that actually looks amusingly like a baby scampering through the jungle. She follows the sound to a crib; the mobile hanging above the crib, awesomely, is a little trio of Oh Shit, The Plane Is Crashing Airlines, LLC jets. I'll throw the sound effects people a bone and say the sound here, with the wind blending into metallic groans reminiscent of the aforementioned plane crash, is very cool. The mobile starts spinning. Claire looks down at the crib's moonlit blanket and pulls it aside, seeming to dig into the bedding. The picture is way too dark to see whatever she reveals, or if she reveals anything at all, but she sure does start screaming really fucking loud.

She's back at the caves, screaming her fool head off. Charlie tries to calm her down, and after a quite horrible amount of time, she finally does. Charlie tells her she was dreaming, and sleepwalking. He looks down at her hands, which are covered in blood. "What happened?" he asks.

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