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I Can See How Ugly She'll Be When She's Old (The Psychic's Lament)
Commercials. I know I've complained a lot about flashbacks in this show, but I'm pleased at how nicely they have contributed to this particular episode. The story on the island is still moving forward in interesting ways, and the flashbacks reveal not Claire's history as an international baby smuggler but instead her normal life, thrown askew by a moderately spooky event -- just enough to keep the story mysterious. I'm enjoying it a lot.

The flashback continues, with a phone call from E. Colm waking Claire in the middle of the night. In Australia, doesn't the phone ring in that funny "ring-ring, ring-ring" way, not the familiar "riiiiiiiiiing, riiiiiiiiiiiiing"? Beats me. So Claire picks it up and tells E. Colm to stop calling her all the damn time. She's scheduled to go to adoptive services tomorrow. E. Colm says he has an offer for her, and restates that great danger will befall her, et cetera, but she hangs up on him. I would think that at this point she would've called whatever police there are in Australia -- the Mounties? the Wallabys? -- to get him off her back. And then she'd have to testify in Kangaroo Court! [hold pose, pause for laughs]

Claire's walking across a field. Actually, I believe she's in the middle of the fairway during this scene. Charlie catches up with her and asks what happened. Jack thinks I'm crazy, she says, and instead of saying, "I believe something happened to you," Charlie says, "So to prove your sanity, you go tramping through the jungle alone. Good one." "I'm not crazy, Charlie," an angry Claire says. And since that's the line he's been pushing all episode, I'm not sure why he puts on a guilty face and doesn't answer here; I'd expect him to enthusiastically agree.

Midsection Beach. Shannon angrily gives her address to Hugo as "Craphole Island," and Hugo asks where they were last night. "Why the interrogation?" asks Boone, God's Friggin' Gift to Humanity, adding that they're not all cool with Hugo "setting up [his] own little Patriot Act." Hugo admits that Claire was attacked last night in the Caves Without A Name. "What?" Shannon says with a dirty look at her brother. "I am so not moving to the Rape Caves." Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! Boone, God's Friggin' Gift to Humanity tells Hugo he should find the manifest -- the one Claire used to read off names at the makeshift memorial service. "Who has it?" asks Hugo. Boone, God's Friggin' Gift to Humanity replies, "Who do you think?"

Casa del Nicknames. "I'm just gonna lay it out straight," says Hugo. "I hear you have the flight manifest, and I need it and I want you to give it to me." Sawyer takes off his fantastic sunglasses and eyes Hugo, who notes that Sawyer could do what he usually does when someone asks for something and tell him to "screw off." (And then get into a fight, and eventually get tortured and stabbed by a genuine Iraqi.) "'Screw off'?" asks a bemused Sawyer. "Or you could just give it to me," Hugo continues, "cuz dude, you could use the points." Sawyer smiles. "Well gosh, you sure know how to butter a man up, Stay-Puft," he says. Hugo replies, "It's a gift." Sawyer gives him the manifest. I am throwing my weight behind Hugo Reyes for Kahuna of the Island, when it gets to that point.

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