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It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times

And now Jack is downstairs in the kitchen, still dressed in his makeshift sarong. He steps on a plastic model of the Millennium Falcon, cleans up a couple of half-empty wine glasses, and makes some coffee. He picks up the paper and reads an article about the Yankees beating the Red Sox in a series of games. Super mad props to the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters, who determined that the game mentioned in the article took place on August 30, 2007. (Unless a game with the exact same details happens some time in the future, which is always possible.) And then Jack walks into the bathroom (which I hope is back upstairs, or else this house makes no sense) and smiles when he hears the sounds of someone splashing around in the shower. He sticks his head in, and an unseen woman tells him that she bought him a razor. If he didn't have a razor before, how's he been keeping his chest so smooth? Jack looks at the razor; as the water is turned off in the shower, he grabs a towel and hands it to... Kate. Were you in suspense? They make out. Credits.

It's nighttime, and Jack is reading to Aaron (who appears to be three or so). Jack is reading what I think is Alice in Wonderland, and he's doing a crappy job of it, all monotone and too hard to hear. I would think that after raising his four brothers and sisters, he would be better at this. Kate, wearing a blouse and her panties, comes to look in on this domestic scene. Aaron falls asleep, so Jack turns out the light and joins Kate in the hall. Kate calls Jack a "natural" (liar!), and Jack tells her that his father used to read him that story. Kate points out that Jack rarely has anything nice to say about his father. It's hard to say nice things about the dead when they won't stay dead. If my grandmother were a zombie, I probably wouldn't be saying that many nice things about her. For example. Anyway, Kate's glad that Jack changed his mind. And then they make out some more, and Jack carries Kate off the boudoir.

On the island, the Losties are leaning Jack against a tree. Juliet, as the only doctor not currently passed out, runs off to get some water, which is clearly a task that requires her medical training. Ah, but she has to leave so that Kate can arrive and learn the news that Jack passed out. Jack has actually woken back up, and is insisting that he just needs a little rest. He staggers back to his shelter.

In a field of palm trees, Sawyer, Miles, Claire, and Aaron are walking back to the beach. Well, Aaron's not walking. Lazy. Miles is being nice to Claire, asking her how she's feeling in the aftermath of having her house blown up around her. Sawyer tells Miles to back off, explaining that all this chat is slowing them down. And then Miles has a vision or hears some voices or something. If you listen closely, you can hear Alex's and Rousseau's voices from two episodes ago, when Rousseau got shot. Sawyer notices that Miles is standing still, and asks him what's up. Miles asks who Danielle and Karl are. And then Miles digs around in the dirt and finds Rousseau and Karl buried there. I'm sad to say that Rousseau is most definitely dead. If you'll excuse me, I have to go put on my black armband, which I will be wearing for the next month. Sawyer asks how Miles knew the bodies were there, and asks if the other Boaties killed them. Miles tells them that he "didn't sign up for this," (indicating that "this" is murder). No, he just signed up for extortion. Claire just wants to get away from the dead bodies.

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