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Jack is taking some pills and drinking some water in his shelter. Juliet answers and grills him about his symptoms until he agrees to let her examine him to see if he has appendicitis. He does, but the appendix has not yet ruptured. Juliet tells him it's time for an appendectomy. Yay! Commercials.

Beach. Juliet wants to Sun to go to the medical station and retrieve a bunch of supplies she'll need to perform the surgery. Sun's happy to make the trip, but she doesn't actually know how to identify the medical equipment Juliet is asking for. Daniel offers to help, based on his knowledge of surgical instruments obtained while performing autopsies on rats. Sun and Jin both say they don't want Daniel coming with them because they don't trust him. Charlotte tells Daniel that she knew the Losties wouldn't trust them, so they might as well just give up. Daniel tells her that her bad attitude is why the Losties don't trust them. I think it might have more to do with the two of them keeping obvious secrets and lying all the time. But what do I know? Daniel pleads with Juliet, and she gives him the list of instruments she needs. And then gives Jin a gun, telling him to shoot either of them if they try to run away. Why exactly are they letting Charlotte go? Are you really going to let both of your hostages wander off into the jungle? And then Juliet enlists Kate and a bunch of other nameless Losties to create a sterile area where they will perform the surgery. Kate wonders why they don't just bring Jack to the medical station; Juliet tells her that he probably wouldn't survive the trip. Only probably? I say give it a shot.

Sawyer and his gang have stopped at a watering hole. Sawyer notices Miles looking at Claire, and tells him not to even think about her. Sawyer tells Miles that he has a twenty-foot restraining order keeping him away from Claire. Miles asks if Sawyer is her big brother. No, her big brother is currently being prepped for surgery. Sawyer threatens to put a boot in Miles's face unless he agrees to back off.

Back at the beach, Rose and Bernard are scrubbing down a piece of airplane wing (which will serve as operating table) with some Dharma Brand Medical-Grade Antiseptic. Bernard tells Rose that he's certain Jack will be fine, as an appendectomy is a simple surgery. Rose's real concern is why Jack got sick in the first place; the island is supposed to be a place that cures your cancer or enables you to walk again, not a place that allows your useless organs to become infected.

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