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It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times

Jungle. Jin, Sun, Daniel, and Charlotte have arrived at the medical station. Charlotte pulls the hatch open, but Daniel stops her from entering and offers to go first. Maybe it's me, but I'd probably send in the guy with the gun first. Sun and Jin exchange gossip (in Korean) about whether Charlotte knows that Daniel likes her in that special way. Charlotte gives them a glance that just screams "I understand everything you're saying." I've said it before and I'll say it again, she is lousy at this secret conspiracy thing.

They all enter the room where the equipment is kept. Daniel wonders where all the power is coming from. If only he could answer questions as well as he asks them. While Daniel and Charlotte look for the equipment, Sun gets all nostalgic over the exam table that she was on when Juliet performed the ultrasound. Sun and Jin chat in Korean. She tells him that she's certain the Boaties are not going to help them get off the island. Jin promises her that he will get her and her baby off the island. Again, there's a totally obvious glance from Charlotte that tells us that she's following this entire conversation.

Sawyer's gang is trudging through the jungle. Claire nearly trips, and Miles offers to carry the baby. Sawyer again tells him to back off. And then there's a sound in the trees. It's Frank, the chopper pilot, carrying a first aid kit in his hand. Sawyer doesn't know who he is, but Miles obviously recognizes him. Frank tells them that Keamy is on the way there, so they should hide but quick. Frank has one of the phones with the GPS tracker on it, and he shows them that Keamy and some other little dots are on the way. They hide in some trees, and then just a few seconds later Keamy and four other soldiers emerge from the trees. One of them is injured. Is that the best you could do, Smokey? Keamy asks Frank where the chopper is; it's about a kilometer back in the direction Frank was coming from. Keamy hands the first aid kit to one of his men. And then Aaron makes a noise, which raises Keamy's suspicions but which also sounds enough like a bird chirping to make him uncertain of what he heard. Keamy starts staring around, but Frank tells him that they have to leave before it gets dark because he won't fly again at night. So they leave.

Beach. Kate tells Juliet that the surgical tent is all ready. Juliet asks her if she'll help out by holding the mirror. Kate is uncertain, but seems to agree. They share a laugh over what a stubborn ass Jack is. And then he proves it by stumbling out of his shelter, insisting that he's well enough to walk to the operating table. Juliet leaves Kate to walk Jack to the surgical tent. She tells him, "Looks like I'm going to be your nurse." Jack: "Wouldn't be the first time." He starts go give her an "in case I die" speech, but she shuts him up.

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