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It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times

Flash-forward. Jack is sitting in his car/jeep thing, parked in front of Hurley's mental hospital and staring at the bench where Hurley claimed to have spoken with Charlie. He gets back to Kate's house and finds her asleep in bed. So he wakes her up and asks her if she really thinks he'd make a good parent. She does. So he proposes. With a ring and everything. She cries and tells him the answer is "yes." Commercials.

Beach. Nighttime. Juliet is lighting torches when Bernard tells her that the surgical scavengers are back. Juliet takes the supplies and then enlists Sun's help to sterilize the instruments in boiling water. Can't Sun get a rest? Aren't there some unnamed slackers who can sterilize things? As everyone else leaves, Jin asks Charlotte to stay. In Korean, he tells her that he knows she can understand him. She finally remembers to try to act innocent, and tells him she doesn't understand what he's saying. He keeps trying, and she keeps denying understanding him. Until Jin tells her that if she doesn't 'fess up, he's going to break Daniel's fingers one at a time. That does the trick, and Charlotte asks him, in Korean, what he wants. He tells her that when the chopper returns, she's going to make sure that Sun gets on it and gets off the island. He doesn't care what happens to anyone but her. Charlotte agrees.

Surgical tent. Bernard prepares to administer a local anesthetic, but tells Jack that he would really advise going under: "Wouldn't you rather be dreaming about something nice back home?" Jack, tough guy that he is, thinks he'll be fine with the lidocaine. But he apparently doesn't trust Bernard (who is a dentist) to give him a shot, because he has Kate hold the mirror so he can watch the needle go into his belly. Bernard points out that the lidocaine will only help with some of the pain -- after the first incision, Jack will feel a lot. And now it's time for surgery. One of the reasons I stopped recapping Grey's Anatomy was because I can't stand to watch this surgical shit. So for the next few minutes, just assume that Juliet is cutting into Jack, Jack is kind of freaking out over the pain and refusing to stay still, and Kate is crying at the sheer torture of being forced to watch someone she cares about being hurt. Juliet has finally had enough, and screams at Bernard to knock Jack out with the chloroform. She also screams at Kate to get out of the tent. As Jack goes under, we go to...

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