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It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times

Flash-forward. Jack is alone in his exam room (or some kind of medical room) late at night, examining x-rays and dictating case notes. There's an intermittent beeping noise, which he goes to investigate. He follows the noise to the lobby, which is abandoned, and sees that a smoke detector is beeping overhead. Really, they have battery-operated detectors in a joint like this? Shouldn't there be a central smoke detection system with its own power supply? Anyway, the smoke detector is beeping because the battery is low, so Jack climbs up on the reception desk and removes the battery. And then he hears a deep voice say his name. Christian, still in his suit and white shoes, is sitting on a couch in reception. Jack, near tears, slowly walks towards Christian. And then Dr. Lesbian Haircut walks up behind him and says his name. Startled he turns around, and when he turns back, Christian is gone. She's clearly feeling some embarrassment at having startled Jack, and he tries to laugh it off before he starts to cry. He mumbles something about the smoke detector, and she tells him, "Okay, thank you for keeping us safe." As she leaves, he asks her if she could write him a prescription for clonazepam. He spins a story about stress and not being able to sleep, so she pulls out her pad and writs the scrip. She also suggests that if his engagement is causing him stress, he might want to talk to someone.

Jack comes home and overhears Kate on the phone making some kind of social plans. She tells whoever it is that she'll have the nanny stay late and that she can stay for at least an hour. She ends the call when she sees that Jack is home. They make some small talk, and he asks her who she was speaking with. She claims it was Noreen, one of the mothers from the park. He clearly doesn't buy the story, but she is cool as a cucumber. Kate heads upstairs, and Jack takes a couple of clonazepam with a beer.

Jungle. Claire, Sawyer, and Miles are sleeping around a campfire. Really, you leave the fire burning while you sleep? These guys are a threat to the island. Claire wakes up with a start when she realizes that Aaron is not nestled in her arms. And then she looks across the fire and sees Christian holding Aaron. I guess if they left the fire burning for dramatic purposes, it's okay. Claire is startled to see Christian, and can only say, "Dad?" Just in case you forgot that Christian is also her father. But, shhhh, Jack doesn't know that. Commercials.

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