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It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times

Bernard emerges from the surgical tent and finds Kate sitting on the ground waiting. He tells her not to worry; Juliet was great, and said that Kate can go into the tent if she wants. So she does, and finds Juliet still stitching Jack up. Juliet gives her a quick update of the surgery (prognosis: A-ok), and Kate is thrilled to hear that he should be fine. Juliet apologizes for yelling at Kate, and then tells Kate that Jack kissed her. But Juliet wants Kate to know that she thinks Jack did it because he was trying to prove he doesn't love someone else. Kate thanks Juliet for saving Jack's life. Kate leaves, and Juliet tells Jack that she knows he's awake.

Jack is sitting at home when Kate walks in the house, having just come from somewhere else. He says "hey," and she jumps, startled. She clearly wasn't expecting him home so soon. She asks where the nanny is; Jack sent her home. Kate sits down on the sofa and notices that Jack has several empty beers and a bottle of hard liquor on the coffee table. And then Jack tries to get Kate to tell him where she was. It's all kinds of hostile. Kate claims to have had errands to run. She asks him what's going on, and he tells her that he went to see Hurley the week before. And then he asks again where she was. She asks him to trust her and leave it be. But I guess all of the Jack's time on the island left him feeling question-deprived, because this is one question he wants the answer to. He keeps pressing, getting louder and acting drunker. Kate finally tells him, "I was doing something for him." For who, you ask? Well, so does Jack. Kate: "For Sawyer." She made him some kind of promise before leaving the island, but she never tells us exactly what the favor was. Jack can't believe that this fucking triangle is still going on, even after Sawyer made a decision to stay on the island. Kate's crying, and she tells Jack that if he's going to act all hostile and drunk, she can't have him around her son. Jack: "Your son? You're not even related to him!" But it's not clear whether Jack knows that he is. And guess who woke up to hear that little speech? Yes, that's right, Aaron. The little tyke is standing in the doorway, clutching a stuffed orca and looking kind of upset. Kate picks him up, and Jack leaves. Well, that was a short engagement.

Jungle. Sawyer wakes up and finds Miles stirring up the remains of the fire with a stick. Sawyer notices that Claire is gone, and asks Miles where she went. Miles tells him that she just walked into the jungle in the middle of the night. Sawyer: "You just let her go alone?" Miles says that she wasn't alone; she was with some dude she called "dad." And I think this may be the first time that someone on the island has seen a person that we know is dead and someone else has also seen that person. Miles: "I'd have followed them, but I have a restraining order." Nobody would blame you if you shot him, Sawyer. But before Sawyer can at least beat him up, he hears a baby crying. Sawyer calls Claire's name and runs into the trees to investigate the sound. He finds Aaron in a cabbage patch (at least, that's what it looks like to me), but there's no sign of Claire. That doesn't stop Sawyer from shouting her name a few times. WAAAAALT! Um, I mean, "CLAAAAAAIRE!" Credits.

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