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Rose is stocking the bamboo shelving unit that I presume someone whipped up simply to hold the big grocery drop from a couple of episodes ago. She takes a moment to chide Bernard, who has committed the mortal sin of putting the cereal on the right instead of the left. You know, with the wild boars and God knows what else on this island, how about storing the foodstuffs a little farther away from where people sleep? Bernard's bothered by the food drop (which explains why he's been scowling right from the start of the scene), and he's even more annoyed that Rose is so unquestioning about the whole thing: "You're acting like we just got back from the supermarket." She annoyingly says that she was raised not to question her blessings. Yeah, well, Bernard was raised to question parachuted food dropped on an island where they crash-landed. I don't want to sound like I'm choosing sides, but Bernard is totally right. But according to Rose, he's just having a bad day, which is no excuse for him to raise his voice, which he hasn't. He bitches that he had seven weeks' worth of bad days on the other side of the island just trying to survive so that they could be together again. Poor Rose, if he's going to try to win every argument by pulling out that card every time. "But here…my God, Rose, they build a kitchen on the beach! They've given up!" Given up on what, Rose wants to know. "On getting rescued," says Bernard. Something tells me that Bernard's about to get all, "Well, not on my watch!" about it. Oh, goody. Rose looks like I feel, and Bernard seems a little nonplussed by her lack of enthusiasm.

Down the hatch, the timer's beeping, but Locke's paying it no mind. He's trying to sketch out what he remembers of the black-light map. He's got one of those crazy Apollo chocolate bars, which must be his reward for when he gets it right. Fortunately for everyone's sanity, it's just circles and lines and a question mark, so hopefully that means there's no need for screencap on enhanced screencap to be posted. He's working so hard that when the one-minute alarm starts going off, he doesn't even notice; it takes Jack to snap him out of his reverie so he can enter the numbers and reset the alarm, with a little hand flourish at the end because he's so irritated. And Jack keeps staring at Locke like he can't believe how useless Locke is these days. "Condescending martyr" doesn't work for you, Jack. Locke stares at the timer thoughtfully for a few moments, and goes back to work.

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