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Sayid Jarrah And The Falling Star
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Previously, on Lost, Roger Linus shoots Sayid. Later, the Templars drown dip Sayid in the murky mikvah. Oh noes, Sayid is dead. Oh hurrah, he was just kidding! Later still, Dogen tortures Sayid. He's not kidding in the slightest on account of having no sense of humor. When Sayid cries out in pain at being shocked and branded, Dogen determines Sayid is infected... with a working nervous system? He gives Jack a green pill to administer to Sayid, saying it will kill the infection, but neglects to mention that it will do so by killing Sayid, since it's poison and all. When Jack wants to know what the hell is up with that, Dogen says there is a darkness growing in Sayid, and once it reaches his heart EVERYTHING HE ONCE WAS WILL BE GONE! Even later still, Sayid asks Jack what he's hiding. Jack tells him about the poison pill. "They wanted me to kill you." Which brings us to...

Currently, on Lost... L.A. Reality: Sayid hesitates a moment and then exits a big yellow taxi -- bouquet of yellow roses in hand. Once he reaches a house, he rings the doorbell, and then, continuing this season's trend of the L.A. people reflecting on their reflections, he spots himself in the front door window. In lieu of a screencap, here's a link to my latest assault on the arts, in which you can clearly (pushing it?) see that only a little less than half Sayid's face is reflected in the glass. The rest of it is obscured by the colored, patterned glass, OR BY THE DARKNESS growing in SAYID -- oh and did we mention that once it reaches his heart EVERYTHING HE ONCE WAS WILL BE GONE?! But I'm sure I'm panicking over nothing, nothing, nothing at all.

It's obvious, what we have here is just a sweet love story, right? I've got my bonbons at hand, ready for an old school romantic reunion between Sayid and Nadia, with all the bells whistles. The door opens and there she is! Nadia -- in love with Sayid even in this reality -- embraces Sayid. And Sayid -- in love with Nadia even in this reality -- embraces Nadia right back. And then two beautiful, pleasant, cheerful, well behaved children -- a boy and girl, natch -- join in the family reunion. Too good to be true? Absolutely. And that's clear once the children refer to Sayid as Uncle Sayid, because, you see, in this reality, Nadia is married to Sayid's brother Omer (not Omar), previously known as the Jarrah boy who wouldn't choke the chicken on his father's command. At first, Omer (Cas Anvar) acts peeved that Sayid has brought flowers for his wife, but he gets over it once Sayid jokes that they can be Omer's, instead. Have you boys been reading fan fic?

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