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Sayid Jarrah And The Falling Star

Outside, the sun has set. In the courtyard, Miles spins around in a blind panic. We see a line of torches shining through the jungle night. Oh Faucke, how Other-ish of you! In the Temple courtyard, two of the faithful remnants, armed with guns, walk slowly forward. A small, white beam flashes across the scene. It could be a trick of light. It could be an oops. Over in the episode thread>, figaro 317 suggests it could be Yoko's soul, leaving the Temple grounds, but I'm partial to AuntTora's suggestion that it's Tink. At any rate, there's the familiar ticka ticka rattle clank. There's a tree pulled up by its roots, or knocked down, or what have you. My point, and I do have one, is: SHOWTIME!

Kate grabs Miles and tells him they have to go, now. Original recipe Smokey pours into the Temple and begins the ritual slaughter of the faithful remnant. Miles and Kate are on the run, but somewhere in the maze that is the Temple, they separate, when Kate goes off to find Claire. Miles hides from Smokey in some room, and holds the door closed with his body. Someone or thing on the other side is struggling to break it. I don't think it's Smokey; he could just seep under the door, right? It's then that the outsider's pushing overpowers Miles and he falls to the floor. The door swings open to reveal ILANA! Yay! And I don't even like her much. Frank, Ben and Sun come running in after her. When Ilana asks where Jarrah is, Miles tells her he was headed to the Murky Mikvah Mezzanine. Ben, who has had better ideas, runs off to get Sayid, thinking he's rescuing him. Hee. Ilana tries to stop him to no avail.

Meanwhile, Kate throws a ladder down into Claire's pit, and tells her to they've got to leave, but Claire says, "No. [...] You'll be much safer, here." Just then the monster appears at the door. Kate throws herself into the pit, but holds onto the top of the ladder as the angel of death Smokey passes over. Kate looks into it, amazed, and all I can hear ringing through my ears is Original Recipe Locke saying, "I've looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw... was beautiful."

Ben finds Sayid at the mikvah. Lennon's blood is still dripping off the dagger. Ben sees the two bodies lying in the pool and tells Sayid that he knows a way out of there. "There's still time." Sayid smiles up at him -- a sicker and yet more pathetic smile I've never seen. "Not for me." Ben backs away, slowly at first, and then turns tail and runs. Run away, Ben! Run away!

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