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Sayid Jarrah And The Falling Star

After dinner, the children want their Our Uncle is a World-Traveling Torturer and Assassin with an Emerging Interest in Pedicide, but all We Got is This [Whatever] present from Australia. Sayid sends them to rifle through his bag, which he's left on the couch. This gives the adults time to play exposition fairy. Sayid is translating contracts for an oil company, and I don't think he means interpreting. Omer, meanwhile, has just opened his second dry cleaning shop. When Omer's phone rings, Nadia chides him. "I thought we talked about cell phones at the dinner table." Omer checks the caller ID and comes over all shifty as he rises to leave the room. "Dinner is over. This is business."

Once Nadia and Sayid are alone, she asks if he got her letters. When he says he did, she asks why he never wrote back. Before Sayid can answer, the moppets run back in the kitchen, all excited. Sam (Aramis Knight -- oh come on, that can't be his real name) thanks Sayid for the boomerang, which is such an apt gift on this show. Meanwhile, little Eva (Kailee Velasco) brings out the well-traveled photo of Nadia. "Mommy, we found a picture of you in Uncle Sayid's bag." Nadia and Sayid exchange meaningful looks, and then as if summoned, Omer appears in the doorway at the far end of the kitchen. Sayid tries to hold his brother's gaze, but eventually lowers his eyes.

Island Reality: Sayid storms into Yoko Dogen's Unholy of Unholies, demanding "answers." Raise your hand in the air if lines like that make you feel like the writers are snickering at the audience. Now wave it like you just don't care; sit back, and enjoy the ride. Anyhow and for starters, Sayid would like to know about the Templar's Princess Bride-esque torture machine/medical device. Yoko says that there's a scale within everyone. One side is good; one is evil. "This machine tells us how the scale is balanced." It's totally scientific, see? "Yours tipped the wrong way." Sayid whips out his impressive powers of deduction and correctly surmises that's why the Templars tried to kill him. Yoko says, "Yes. I think it would be best if you were dead." Sayid's all, You don't know my life! "I'm a good man, so if you're trying to kill..." Oh sheesh, shut up and fight, already!

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