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Sayid Jarrah And The Falling Star

Yoko (hearing my cry because he's a mystic) makes the first move -- sucker punching Sayid in the gut. Rather than making up terms for what are probably actual fight moves with already defined terms, I'll link you to this interpretive dance, instead. Suffice it to say they kick, punch, sweep the leg, throw potted plants, knock over metal racks, and bash each other with objects. At one point, Yoko beats Sayid with a pipe. Sayid beats Yoko with a broom. Silly Sayid, who brings a broom to a pipe fight? Pipe beats broom. Samurai beats Torturer. Yoko winds up on top, and just as he's about to stab Sayid (the slash just writes itself), the baseball rolls off Yoko's desk and onto the floor, reminding him that he hasn't yet done his fantasy draft. That takes more time than you'd think, so Yoko releases his grip on Sayid and banishes him, instead. "Go, leave this place and never come back." As Yoko walks away from his captive/victim and picks up his baseball, Sayid thinks: that's not cricket.

Jungle: Outside the Temple grounds, the camera pans over the ash circle and then over to Faucke, as he convinces Claire to deliver a message to the Templars. She whines that he should send Jin or Sawyer, or go himself. Faucke says, "If I could do it myself, I wouldn't be asking you, Claire." Claire weighs his words for a moment, or perhaps she's just fighting off the urge to bring up Jin and Sawyer again. Finally, she says, "If I go in there, I need to know you'll do what you said. I want my son back." Faucke says, "I always do what I say." Oh Claire, considering your "friend" is probably the entity that wore the guise of your dead father in order to tempt you into abandoning Aaron in the jungle, in the first bloody place, I hope you paid particular attention to focking Faucke's focking phrasing. Call it a hunch if you must, but I'm thinking he's not above playing the That Depends On What Is Is card. Claire can't hear me through her wig of wingnuttery, so starts out on her mission, but soon turns back toward her friend. "Are you going to hurt them?" Faucke: "Only the ones who won't listen."

Theme Song!

L.A. Reality; Omer's Living Room; 2:30 AM: Omer surprises a sleeping Sayid, and lives to tell the tale, but just barely. Once Sayid silences the beast within himself, the brothers catch up on what's really going on in Omer's life. King of the Bad Ideas, Omer not only married Sayid's woman, and had the poor judgment necessary to sneak up on a sleeping Sayid in the middle of the night, he also borrowed the start-up cash for his second dry cleaning shop from an...unscrupulous lender. And although he claims to have paid back the principal in full, he can't keep up with the interest (i.e. protection payments for as long as he's in business). Sayid offers him some money, but Omer wants Sayid to... convince his... banker to back off. But just like a sibling, and to his own detriment, he can't help but rub it in. "Sayid, don't forget who you're talking to. I know what you did in the war. You were an interrogator for the Republican Guard. I know what kind of man you are." Sayid refuses to hurt someone just because Omer was a stupid tool, so Omer whines about his life savings, the risk of losing his home, and perhaps subtly plants the seed that Nadia and the family might be at risk, too. "Look, I know you care about Nadia. If you care about us -- about her -- you will do this, Sayid." Sayid maintains his resolve. "I'm sorry. I'm not that man, anymore." Yeah, choke your own chicken, Omer.

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