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Sayid Jarrah And The Falling Star

Island Reality; Temple: On his way out of Dodge, Sayid updates Miles on his chat with Dogen, and laughs bitterly at the fact that the people who saved his life are the ones who have now branded (literally) him evil and are banishing him from the Temple. Miles gives up some answers as a parting gift, explaining that although the Templars tried to save Sayid, they failed. Sayid was stone cold dead for two hours and when he sat up, the Templars were just as surprised as everyone else. "So, whatever brought you back -- it wasn't them."

Just then, Claire enters the Temple grounds. The guards aim their weapons at her, but Lennon orders them not to shoot, then asks Claire what she's doing there. She replies directly to Yoko Dogen. "He wants to see you." Yoko directs his reply (in Japanese) toward Lennon, until Claire calls him on his b.s. "Speak English." Yoko: "Who wants to see me?" Claire: "You know who." Yoko knows if he steps outside "he" will kill him, so Claire suggests sending someone "he" won't kill. She tries to stroll away all casual-like, but Yoko commands the Plastic Ono Band to seize her. Then, he addresses Lennon in Japanese. Subtitles: Put the girl in the hole until this is resolved. Then bring Shephard and Reyes to my room, immediately. Since Jack and Hurley haven't returned from their excellent adventure, and probably never will, Lennon has to admit he can't find them. Yoko yells at Lennon in Japanese. Subtitles: Look. Harder! Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band march offscreen with Claire, as Sayid and Miles look on and do sod all.

Once they're gone, Yoko approaches Sayid. "Come with me." Sayid says, "I thought you wanted me to leave." Dogen: "Things have changed." Back inside the Unholy of Unholies, Yoko asks where Jack and Hurley went. Sayid doesn't know. Hewants to know why Claire is there and what she was talking about. I can't help but wonder if Jack actually told Sayid that Claire is supposedly infected with whatever infection Sayid has allegedly contracted. Anyhow, Yoko removes a wooden box hidden under the soil in one of his planters as he tells Sayid that Claire is a confused girl under the influence of an angry man. Sayid says, "What man?" Dogen answers: "For years, he has been trapped, but now that Jacob is gone, he is free. This man will not stop until he has destroyed every living thing on this island. He is eeeevil incarnate." Sayid is just thrilled at the prospect of speaking to this mysterious man, but Yoko has other ideas. He removes a velvet package from the box, and reveals the dagger wrapped within. "I want you to kill him. He will come to you as someone you know -- someone who has died. As soon as you see him..." He pulls the dagger from its sheath, for emphasis. "...Plunge this deep into his chest. If you allow him to speak, it is already too late." Sayid observes that in his brief stay at the Temple, he has been drowned, beaten and tortured, "At your hands. Why would I ever do anything for you?" Dogen speaks as softly as Sayid. "You said there is still good in your soul. Then prove it."

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