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Sayid Jarrah And The Falling Star

L.A. Reality; Nadia's House; Exterior: The kids want Sayid to stay for a while -- Eva adds that it makes Mommy happy too, but Sayid has to go to Toronto for work. As soon as Sayid helps the children onto the school bus, Nadia runs outside, yelling his name. We cut to...

St. Sebastian's Hospital: Sayid and Nadia pass (instantly awesome dad) Dr. Jack Shephard in the hall just before catching up with Omer, who is being wheeled into surgery. Omer is suffering from a punctured lung and some internal bleeding -- injuries in which our very own Spinal Surgeon Shephard doesn't truck, so Jack just keeps walking, after a passing glance. Sad now. Another doctor (Peter Stray) is on the case. Anyhow, the doc tells Nadia and Sayid that the EMTs think Omer was mugged. That's all Action Hero-Villain Sayid needs to hear. He's rearing to retaliate, and only refrains at Nadia's tearful request. He takes her in his arms and shoves her hair up his nose. No. Seriously. There's head kissing. There's hair sniffing. And then there's whatever that was. Thank goodness I didn't draw you a picture, and thank goodness, it's time to cut to the...

Island Reality; Jungle: Kate runs into Sayid not far from the Temple. When he's "not exactly sure" whether or not he's leaving, Kate asks what she missed. Sayid tells her to ask Miles. A certain segment of the fandom screams YOU MISSED THE OPPORTUNITY TO KILL KATE! But my daughter is relieved that Kate will live to see another day because she's "pretty," so I am too.

Temple: Kate finds Miles and they commiserate on getting the cold Sawyer shoulder. Miles says he thought about going after him, too. "But I knew he'd just end up berating me until I turned around and came back. Is that pretty much what happened?" Yep! He welcomes her back "to the circus" and tells her that the Australian chick is back. Kate's all CLAIRE?!?!?!?!?! Miles says, "She just strolled in here a couple of hours ago, acting all weird. Still hot, though." Hot, really? In the wig of wingnuttery? I mean Emilie de Ravin is breathtaking, but as Feral Claire, don't you think she's tilting the wrong way on the Hot/Crazy Scale, Miles? Then again, that was after your time, huh? For your own sake, assume that restraining order Sawyer issued is still in effect. As Kate asks Miles where Claire is, we cut to the...

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