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Sayid Jarrah And The Falling Star

Jungle: Sayid and his dagger run into Faucke. Well, it happens like this.... As Sayid stops to take a drink and splash himself off with some water from his canteen, something watches him from above and behind. The wind whips up. Sayid grabs his dagger as the dull roaring begins. Ticka ticka rattle clank. And here's Johnny... Faucke. He is silent for a moment, but says, "Hello, Sayid," before Sayid acts. Sayid does stab him, right in the chest, but it's not even a flesh wound. When Faucke removes the blade from his torso, it's all shiny and clean. He tilts his head as he looks at his attacker. "Now why'd you go and do that?" Commercial.

ASIDE: I'll take this opportunity to throw out some theories being tossed around as to why Faucke didn't die. First and most plainly: Yoko may have known all along that the dagger wouldn't kill Faucke. In other words, he was setting up Sayid to be killed by Faucke. Second: When Yoko gave Sayid his marching orders, he told him not to let "the man" even speak. And while many (myself, included) just took this to mean that he shouldn't listen to Faucke/evil incarnate some people are speculating that there's something else at work. Perhaps the Smokey to Faux-Locke transformation isn't complete until he speaks, or something like that, there. Third: And this was my original thought (see recaplet) -- perhaps Faucke can only be slain by someone good, and Sayid is just too far gone. Okay, now, back to the show.

Sayid's eyes are wide, and he starts to back away slowly as he looks at Faucke and his surprising lack of a wound. Faucke closes in on him to return the dagger, smirking as he says, "I won't bite." Sayid wants to know what Faucke is. Faucke is cryptic and manipulative, for starters. Once he learns that the Templars told Sayid that he (Faucke) is evil incarnate, Faucke says Dogen knew Sayid had no chance of killing Faucke and was banking on Faucke killing Sayid (as I said during the commercial). He then shames Sayid for playing Dogen's fool. Who would do a dangerous errand for someone he knows already tried to kill him? "And this wasn't the first time that he tried to get someone else to do it for him, was it?" Sayid wants to know what Faucke is trying to talk him into, which gives me hope that Sayid isn't too far gone, after all. Faucke says he just wants Sayid to deliver a message to the folks at the Temple. Sayid wants to know why he didn't have Claire deliver it. Faucke says, "Because it will mean a lot more, coming for you." Or perhaps Claire is just confused and easily manipulated, whereas Sayid is so much more. Faucke then promises Sayid his heart's desire, but words it such that it's no promise at all. "Sayid, if you'll do this for me... what if I told you that you could have anything that you want? What if I said you could have anything in the entire world?" Sayid's eyes appear more wistful -- more full of regret, longing, and loss, than they ever have as he cocks his head. "I would tell you that the only thing I ever wanted died in my arms -- and I'll never see it again." Nadia? No. She died on the street. Shannon. Nah. She died on the jungle floor. Clearly, Sayid is still missing that spunky, funky chicken. Faucke moves in as he maneuvers to seal the deal. "What if you could?" The glee on his face stands in stark contrast to Sayid's utter despair.

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