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Sayid Jarrah And The Falling Star

L.A. Reality; Nadia's House: Nadia returns to find Sayid repairing a broken vase which fell victim to a tragic boomerang accident. They chitchat about the kids' bedtime and what Sayid told them about Omer (he had an accident and will be fine), and Omer's condition (he's through surgery, awake and will be fine). Sayid tries to broach the subject of the loan, but Nadia tells him, "No. This is Omer's responsibility. He brought this on himself." Brrrrrrrr. Nadia doesn't want to talk about her husband; she wants to talk about the man she loves. She asks why he didn't want to be with her -- considering he still carries around her picture. "If you cared about me, why did you push me toward your brother?" They hold hands, as Sayid says he's spent the past dozen years trying to cleanse himself of his wrong doing. He cannot be with her, because he doesn't deserve her.

Island Reality: Sayid reenters the Temple grounds to find Yoko watching raindrops fall on the moat, and missing his new BFF Jack, no doubt. Sayid ignores him and gathers the Templars around to tell them about the man in the jungle, who is just about a mile south, by the outer wall. "He wants you to know that Jacob is dead, and because he is gone, none of you have to stay here, any longer. You're free. The man that I met is leaving the island forever. Those of you who want to go with him should leave the Temple and join him. You have until sundown to decide." Cindy is standing off to the side with the children. "What happens at sundown, if we stay?" Sayid says, "You die." Thunder rumbles, or maybe that's just Yoko's tummy.

Temple Interior: Lennon tries to apprehend and question Kate, but is apprehended and questioned by her, instead. That's why I'm glad Sayid didn't kill her. (Also, she is pretty.) She slams him up against the wall until he understands she is dead serious about finding Claire. He nods. "All right, you should let go of me, okay?" And after a quick cut, Lennon is once again manhandling Kate, which makes no narrative sense, but I'm enjoying the hell out of the ride tonight, so *jazz hands jazz hands*. He half drags/half shoves her into a chamber where at least two men are standing (sitting) guard. In the center of the chamber is a large, deep, round pit. Lennon tells Kate she has two minutes as he leaves.

Before we see her, we hear Claire singing: Catch a rising star and put it in your pocket. Never let it fade away. Kate looks down at her old friend, who continues her serenade, despite the fact that the cameraman is totally looking right down her shirt. Catch a rising star and put it in your pocket. Save it for a rainy day. For love may come to tap you on the shoulder some starless night. And just in... Kate interrupts. "Claire? Claire, it's me." Claire can't believe Kate is there and asks if they captured her, too. Kate says no, and looks as if she's going to offer more of an explanation, but how to sum up that shit in two minutes? Besides, now Claire is rambling on about the dingos Templars taking her baby. Since they don't have much time, Kate quickly explains that the Templars don't have her Aaron, adding that when the Losties couldn't find Claire, she (Kate) took him off-island and "raised" him. Regrettable word choice, Freckles. Kate's not listening to me, though. She explains that she came back to rescue Claire reunite her with her boy. Claire looks neither impressed nor grateful -- just murderously angry and as crazy as ever. No matter. Their arbitrarily assigned two minutes are up. As the Templars drag Kate away from the pit, Claire says she's not the one who needs rescuing. "He's coming... and they can't stop him." Commercial.

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