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Sayid Jarrah And The Falling Star

Temple; Court of the Gentiles: Lennon shouts at everyone to calm down and then scolds Sayid for creating a panic. Sayid remains unperturbed. "I was asked to deliver a message and that's what I did. What your people do now is up to them." Lennon scurries off after Cindy and assures her that as long as they all stay in the Temple, he can't come in, and can't touch them. He continues on his way, trying to stop the defectors with mixed results.

Miles approaches Sayid and asks him what happened. "One minute you're banished. The next -- you're telling everyone they're going to die." Sayid nods. "That's the sum of it." Miles wants to know if they're getting out of there. Sayid says, "Not yet." He pulls Dogen's dagger out of its sheath. "I have to return this."

L.A. Reality; Nadia's House; Exterior: Two thugs, one of whom is Omar (not Omer) stop Sayid on his way to meet the school bus. Omar (Anthony Azizi) encourages Sayid to get in the car and come with him, and is not above making veiled threats about the Jarrah children, when Sayid considers declining the invitation. The Other Thug (TOT) opens the door and Sayid climbs in. They take him to their boss, who is waiting in what appears to be the same restaurant kitchen in which Naomi recruited Miles to work for Widmore. And their boss is none other than Martin Keamy, who was Widmore's chief mercenary bitch in charge back on the freighter, another world ago.

Keamy cooks eggs as he turns on what a psychopath such as he must think of as charm. A psychopath such as Sayid (oh, hush, I love him too, but you know he is) isn't taken in by Keamy's wiles, however. Keamy plays cute as he tells his boys the news about Omer's (not Omar's) tragic mugging, but then he misjudges our boy Sayid, which we can tell, because he makes implicit threats about Nadia and the kids. They discuss whether or not Omer is actually still in Keamy's debt. And then Keamy starts blathering about it being a dangerous world, which Sayid should know because he was in Iraq. He nearly spits out that last word, and as he starts to say, "You never know when someone's going to sneak up..." Sayid interrupts him, by elbowing Omar (not Omer) in the gut. TOT aims his gun at Sayid and fires, but since Omar is now his human shield, Sayid Jarrah lives to kill again. He grabs Omar's gun and does so, right away. First, he takes out TOT. Then he aims at Keamy, who's all Debt? What debt? In fact I probably owe Omer some change, I'll drop it off when I bring him flowers and candy at the hospital, when I go to pay the bill in full. Keamy then smiles his psychotic smile at Sayid and says, "Just relax and forget about it." Sayid tilts his head and raises his eyebrows. "I can't." BANG! Keamy's dead. Again. Just the way we like him. I am ignoring the dire implications this has for Sayid's character, so come along with me to a fresh paragraph.

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