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Sayid Jarrah And The Falling Star

Sayid, who is so badass that he just took out all three thugs out in under 40 seconds is startled by a banging noise and muffled grunts coming from another part of the restaurant. The noises lead him to a walk-in refrigerator, where he finds Jin -- just chilling. Sayid rips the duct tape off Jin's mouth and Jin immediately starts yelling. In Korean. Sayid asks, "Who are you?" Jin answers: "No English." *sigh* Now I want Korean for lunch.

Temple; Murky Mikvah Mezzanine: Sayid finds Dogen playing with his baseball, poolside. Dogen says, "You let him talk to you," (which is a point on the side of those who speculate that Faucke didn't die because Sayid didn't kill him quickly enough). Sayid says, "I stabbed him in the chest like you told me to, then I let him talk to me." He lets the dagger drop to the floor and notes that's the second time Yoko has had someone else try to kill him. He asks why he didn't do it himself. By way of an answer, Dogen gives Sayid his life story. He was a successful banker. One Friday, when his son was 12 years old, Dogen got promoted, and in celebration, had a bit too much to drink before he picked up his son from baseball. "The accident was very bad. I survived, but my son.... And then, in the hospital, a man came to me -- a man I have never met. He told me that he could save my son's life, but I would have to come here, to this island, where I would have a new job -- and I could never see my boy again."

Appearing touched by the story, Sayid sits down next to Yoko Dogen. "Who was this man?" Yoko says, "His name was Jacob." Yeah, Sayid. Try to keep up. Sayid then adds that Jacob drives a hard bargain. Yoko stares at the baseball in his hand and then at Sayid. "I take it the man outside offered you a similar bargain." You bet your sweet bippy he did. Yoko then observes, "It is sundown, will you choose to stay, or go?" Sayid says he'd like to stay. Yoko is surprised by this, but he's even more surprised when Sayid tosses him in the Murky Mikvah and drowns him. Death frees the baseball from our sorry samurai's clutch. As Sayid ascends the mikvah steps, Lennon happens upon the scene, and rushes into the pool in a futile attempt to save Yoko. When he realizes Yoko has given up the ghost, Lennon says, "Do you realize what you just did? He was the only thing keeping it out. Idiot! You just let it in." Sayid picks Yoko's dagger up off the floor and cuts Lennon's throat. Lennon falls, lifeless, into the mikvah. Sayid stares down at his day's work. "I know." Alas, Plastic Ono Band. We hardly knew ye.

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