The 23rd Psalm

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The Lord is my Shephard

Back from commercial, Locke's down in the hatch, fiddling with the combination lock (combination locke?) on the gun vault. Michael strolls in, asks if Locke's breaking in or breaking out. This is one of those conversation starters that lets Locke go off on one of his Grampa Simpson ramblings: "I used to love those old silent movies where the robbers would crack a combination lock with their ear pressed up against the safe. And the money they stole was always in a white bag with a big dollar sign on it." Michael kids Locke about not being old enough for silent movies, and Locke says, "I'm old enough," whatever that means. And since Locke didn't actually answer Michael's damn question, Michael just asks straight out if he's setting the combination. "With the new folks joining us I figure we better limit people's access to the guns," he says, which is kind of judgmental if you ask me, that "there goes the neighbourhood" reasoning, like, it was okay to have easy access to guns for responsible people like Sawyer and Charlie and Kate and Shannon, hey? "Can't have just anyone who wants one walk in and help themselves -- which I'm guessing is why you're here, Michael," he continues, looking up at Mike, who just stares at him.

Out on the beach, Jin and Charlie are fishing. Well, Jin's fishing. Charlie's singing Kinks songs. He could very well be high. He's asking Jin if he knows the Kinks, and I'm sure he'll get a little farther than if he were asking about Jin's familiarity with Driveshaft. Still, Jin has no idea what he's talking about, so Charlie keeps singing. Jin makes a gesture that clearly means Charlie should shut the hell up and get to work, but Charlie just says, "Oh, thank you very much, Jin. I do have a beautiful voice, don't I?" Just make sure you let him sing the chorus, Jin. Jin looks really sad. Then his attention is diverted by something behind Charlie, who turns and looks to see an angry Eko stomping up towards them. It's kind of like the first time we saw Eko, but unfortunately Charlie doesn't end up with a face full of splinters.

Holding up a piece of the broken Virgin Mary statue, Eko demands to know where Charlie found it. "What happened?" is Charlie's initial response, and then he says he found it in the jungle. Eko wants Charlie to take him there. Jin starts to say something, but Eko tells him it isn't his business, and orders Charlie again to take him to where he found the Jonesin' Mary. "Okay, fine. Yeah, we'll go for a stroll. There's nothing there. We'll go first thing in the morning, all right?" says Charlie about as casually as he can muster (which isn't very). "We're going now," says Eko. "Okay, let me go tell Claire so she doesn't get the wrong idea," says Charlie, like, so much for bluffing your way out of this one. He starts to tell Eko to wait there, but Eko says Charlie can tell her on their way. Charlie looks at him for a good long while, and he hands his fishing pole to Jin (maybe Jin can find someone who will actually use it).

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