The 23rd Psalm

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The Lord is my Shephard

Flashback: Car pulls up into a village. Same one? I don't know. Probably not. My show was all screwed up, like I got a widescreen feed or something on my non-widescreen television, like the opening credits had all the names cut off on the sides, and I couldn't choose the "widescreen enhanced" option on my television for some reason. Anyway, Young Eko gets out of the car, only he's actually Adult Eko now, and he's all cornrowed. He looks around, then heads into a small building nearby.

A young boy slings a couple of duffel bags onto the floor, and is then ordered to get some beers by one of the men Eko's meeting. Moroccans? "Where did you find this?" Eko asks. "What does it matter?" is the answer. Taking great pains to flash his gold tooth at everyone, one of Eko's men takes a bag of heroin from a duffel and puts it in front of Eko, who takes out this huge knife, like Crocodile Dundee-size, and puts a bit of the heroin on the tip and puts it on his tongue. I always thought it would be quite the learning process to tell if drugs are any good that way. "Fifty," says Eko. Fifty what, dude wants to know. One of Eko's men dumps some money from a sack onto the table. "Fifty is what I will pay you in exchange for the favour you are asking me to do." Dude pretends to not know what Eko is talking about, so Eko lays it out: "You have a large quantity of heroin in a country that has no poppies and no market for its sale. Your drugs are of no value here, so you must get them out. The borders are all guarded by the military so you must fly. But as I'm sure you are aware, the only private planes currently allowed into the air are either UN aid or the Catholic missionaries." Yeah, I have no idea where this is going. Eko continues: "And so you have come to me for a favour. I will buy your heroin. For fifty." The two dudes confer briefly, in Arabic, and yes, one of them says a word that sounds like "sayid." I'd be pretty surprised if it turned out to have any significance, though. "It is true what they say about you," says one of the Moroccans. "And what is that?" asks Eko. "You have no soul." Eko chuckles -- and then sweeps his knife in a broad arc, catching both men in the neck with one swipe.

The sound of dropped beer bottles on the floor alerts Eko and his crew that the beer-fetcher has returned. Eko's men point their guns at the boy, who looks terrified (guess he's seen GoodFellas). But Eko stops them, and says to the boy, "Go. Go. And tell your friends that I let you live. That Mr. Eko let you live." He'll regret that decision when the boy grows up and brings back his friends to kick Eko's ass.

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