The 23rd Psalm

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The Lord is my Shephard

Back from commercial, Charlie and Eko are hiking. "How'd you know about the plane?" asks Charlie. "It's old, you know. It's been out in the jungle for years. Of course, you would know that. You know everything." Eko ignores this, and instead asks why Charlie lied to Claire. "You told her you did not know what was inside the statue." I wasn't lying, says Charlie. "Then what is the wrong idea?" asks Eko, and Charlie, being a twit, has no idea what Eko's talking about. "When I showed you the broken pieces of plaster, you said you did not want her to get the wrong idea. What is the wrong idea?" Charlie glares at him, and starts yelling that he doesn't have to tell Eko anything. "You come traipsing across the island and what, suddenly now you're in charge? You want me to take you to your plane? You best start treating me with some respect!" Thankfully, Charlie's interrupted when something behind Charlie catches Eko's eye. It's the infamous black smoke whizzing through the brush. Charlie wants to know what Eko saw, but Eko just says, "Let's go." Hard to tell, but it looks like maybe that's not the first time Eko's seen the smoke.

Flashback to the Nigerian village from the first scene. Outside the church, a woman is selling Virgin Mary statues as Eko strolls up. "Sir! Sir, if you buy a statue the money will buy polio vaccine for the village. Two-hundred naira, sir." Eko's examining the statues when a young priest comes out of the church. "What are you doing here?" Not hostile, but not friendly either. "I have come to give my confession," says Eko, and the two of them break into smiles. "Hello, Eko." "Hello, brother."

Inside the church, Eko gripes that he's come to visit for the first time in three years, but his brother won't hear his confession. "You know, Monsignor would have said he failed to raise a proper Catholic boy." Eko's brother, still smiling, asks why Eko would waste his time confessing, since it won't help him. "For confession to mean something, you must have a penitent heart." We learn that Eko's brother's name is Yemi as Eko chides him for his guilt: "I've only done what I needed to do to survive. How is that a sin?" Look, guy, it's the Catholic church: everything's a sin. Yemi's smile is long gone. "You may live far from here, but that doesn't mean I have heard of who you are and what you have done."

Eko reaches forward and pulls on Yemi's cross, the same one that Eko used to wear. "Have you forgotten how you got that cross, brother, the day they took me? Is what I did that day a sin?" I keep telling you, Eko: yes. "Or is it forgiven because it was you that was saved?"

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